Horses, Lucy and Ginger

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Uploaded: 28th Jul 2006 at 7:27 AM
Updated: 4th Aug 2006 at 9:41 AM - update mesh

I'm dissapointed that we won't see horses in ep 4 they could potentially add alot of elements to the game. But I guess these 'statues' will have to do. They look great as decorations for stories, or pictures.

Here are Lucy and Ginger, a mare and foal set that I've spent a great deal of time on. I'm new to creating, with no prior expeirience of any custom content design, so it was quite a challenge to plunge right in to meshing something as detailed as a horse, I'm very proud of myself. But even still I realize that I have much to improve upon. So please forgive me for any mishaps -_-;; More horses will be comming soon, at least four new meshes are underway.

Because I'm trying to create new meshes for each horse I do, I haven't spent any time on recolors. So please, if you're interested, feel free to do so. Included in each zip is the template I used for my maps, ready for anyone to re-create. I only ask that you credit me by linking back to this thread for the mesh.

I'm wanting to create ridable (or drivable) versions, and have already made an english saddle and bridle that fits Ginger. However, my trial period has expired on milkshape so I don't think I'll be able to clone a car, as that program handles the necessary elements. I was wondering if anyone would like to assist me with this project. I am willing to do the texturing, if only someone could make it workable in the game. E-mail me if you're interested.

Lucy (foal)
poly count: 1522
vertex count: 869

Ginger (Mare)
poly count: 1900
vertex count: 869

programs used
Wings SimPE Photoshop
uvmapper classic

I based by textures off of beautiful custom painted resins fromDragonflight Studio

(One note on Ginger, if you're having trouble moving her, try grabbing around her neck area.)

Please contact me at for any questions or comments.



With the help of simlana71, Ginger's mane is now recolorable. This is for those who were having trouble with that. Please redownload as you will need to have this updated version if you plan to either recolor, or download recolors, of Ginger the mare.

Thank you all for the nice comments :lovestruc