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4 Viennoiseries - News Foods - Fully Animated

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Uploaded: 25th Nov 2006 at 12:41 AM
Updated: 3rd Dec 2006 at 12:21 PM

After a period of health problem, i come back to propose you 4 news foods (fully animated) for the breakfast of your Sims.

It's especially french gastronomy included a "Croissant Pur Beurre", a Chocolatine (Petit Pain au Chocolat), an Apple Turnover (Chausson aux Pommes) and a Currant Bun (Pain aux Raisins). As I am a french women, I'm not sure of the translation in english of the food's names.

This meals was cloned from the Toaster Pastry and can be prepared on the morning, or all the time if you have OFB (fridge and stove menu "prepare").
I think that will be an extra for you bakery ...

I made this foods with all Ep installed and they don't seem to work with TS2 only.

I made a new plate and a new basket for this 4 news foods and it's the same for the 4 foods.

If you download the file "bibi00-all-viennoiserie-with-plates.rar", you have all the foods and the necessary plates. If you want to download just one or 2 foods, don't forget to download the file "bibi00-plates.rar".
You don't have to download the plate file several times.

This foods are fully animated, the basket become empty like the plates and my viennoiseries are eated like the Toster Pastry ...

Try this and you will see ...

Bon appétit ! ... I hope you like it

Don't hesitate to comment and to say thank you if you appreciate this job.

I didn't make that for money nor to make the advertisement of sites, i just do that to share what i can do. So, please, keep a good spirit and keep the smile

*** Don't put this creation on Paying Sites. If you want to put in other site, thanks to ask me before ***

*** If cou can, make donation to the site modthesims2 ***