Recolours of free Peggy hair 0182 - binned

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Uploaded 6th May 2007 at 5:11 PM · Updated 9th May 2007 at 8:05 PM by Wednesday17

Her's another cute free Peggy mesh I recoloured.

As I always do, I removed the blue hue from the black hair, so it's real black:

When it comes to blond hair, I like it very blond:

Just like I love very bright red:

Last but not least the honey brown recolour:

As it says in the title, these recolours are colour-binned. Elders won't get grey hair, but very light blond. And there's only one elder colour for all.

95% of the Credits go to Peggy for her cool meshes and lots of thanks for her kind permission to recolour them. And 5% to me for recolouring.

You need a very specific colour for this mesh?
I take requests, so just ask. But only if you're physically capable of pushing the thank you button, the small blue thing at the very end of this post. Any other kind of feedback is very apprechiated as well, of course.

Do with these colours what you like, but always link back to Peggy for the mesh and please give me credit for the recolour if you put it on a sim you upload. NO EXCHANGE and don't claim anything as yours that you didn't create yourself.

I hope you like my recolours and... enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Colour-binning tool for SimPE

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