Elfen lied paintings. And one Gustav Klimt.

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Uploaded 11th May 2007 at 10:20 PM


Even more Elfen Lied paintings.

I ment to make paintings of the Elfen lied pictures that are based on paintings by Gustav klimt this time. But most of the pictures were to low detailed.
However I have made one Elfen lied/Gustav klimt painting.
And as a bonus, there are 3 other Elfen lied paintings in the .rar

So, this .rar contains:
2 versions of the Elfen lied pic based on Gustav Klimt's "Erfuellung".
1 Gustav Klimt painting to match (Erfuellung)
and 3 other Elfen lied paintings.

The paintings are on maxis Bella Squared and oil something.
Don't remember the exact name of the second one.... I'll update that later :P

Screeenshots are a bit dark. But they look fine in game.

Additional Credits:
Erfeullung by Gustav Klimt http://www.expo-klimt.com/

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