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Animal Care Career for Adults

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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2007 at 10:00 PM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2011 at 6:05 PM by whiterider
Your Sim loves pets and animals, but cannot work with them? Well, this new career is the solution! This career is the best choice for those Sims that love their furry animals. This careers needs a low quantity of friends, but instead needs 4 skills; body, creativity, charisma and logic.

Type: Adult Career
GUID 0x00333F00
Own Icon: Yes
Overwrites Base career? No
Languages: English
Levels: 10
Pooper Scooper 5 days §101 per day
Pet Store Clerk 5 days §242 per day
Pet Trainer 5 days §356 per day
Aquarium Guide 5 days §469 per day
Wildlife Photographer 5 days §620 per day
Animal Rescuer 5 days §733 per day
Zoo Keeper 5 days §977 per day
Sea Creature Trainer 4 days §1424 per day
Veterinarian 4 days §1698 per day
????? (Find it yourself) 4 days §2815 per day

Career Rewards:
Non-Eatable Fish Aquarium, Home-Edition
Career Reward Description:
Explore the mysteries of the sea in your own house! Just restock the aquarium and you will be having infinite hours of entertainment. Invite your neighbors, friends and relatives to join you exploring the mysteries that this aquarium brings to your home. (Batteries not included)
Career Reward GUIDs 0x00381002 - 0x00381004
Career Reward Requirements The Sims 2

Fuzzy Miniature Pet Cage with Excercise Wheel
Career Reward Description:
The Fuzzy Miniature Pet Cage with Exercise Wheel is the best choice to keep your womrats. It's safe, colourful, and small. Once you buy this spectacular cage and restock it with fuzzy mammals, you and your households will get countless hours of entertainment watching, playing and feeding the inhabitants of the cage.
Career Reward GUID 0x00381005
Career Reward Requirements The Sims 2 Pets

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Made by Richi3f
Also available at:
Sapphire Sims

Updates and Fixes:
Edit (June 8th):
Corrected chance card for females level 5 and grammar for job description level 3. If you already downloaded, just re-download and replace the old file with the new one.

Edit (June 21st):
Enabled chance cards for all languages and traduced chance cards from level 2 to Spanish. If you already downloaded, just re-download and replace the old file with the new one.

Edit (June 21st):
Added two pictures, the online finder from the computer and the description from level 1.

Edit (June 30th):
Added two files the AnimalCare+Reward.rar and the AnimalCare+RewardPets.rar.
The AnimalCare+Reward.rar adds a custom reward to the career, the fish tank.
The AnimalCare+RewardPets.rar adds a custom reward to the career, the womrat cage so it needs The Sims 2 Pets.
The AnimalCareNormal.rar has the obstacle course as career reward.
Download the one you prefer.

Additional Credits:
SimPE: a very handy tool
Superfly, Psion and Emma: for their great tutorials