Sparkling Eyes in Five Colors

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Uploaded 23rd Jun 2007 at 7:02 PM · Updated 24th Jun 2007 at 7:38 PM by Nihilia

Hi all

Today I'm uploading my first attempt at creating some nice pairs of eyes for my Sims.
I've been busy with these quite a while, the irises I could manage but I just couldn't find a way to create a nice sclera.
But then, I came accoss Knightskykyte's "KSK Real Eyes for downloaders, BASE for Creators". So I took her sclera, modified it a bit so it would suit my irises, and voilà, the end result turned out quite well.

I made the eye in the 5 standard colors, light blue, darker blue, green, brown and grey. They look a bit like the Maxis ones, but I think these are much more realistic.
The textures of the irises and pupils are handpainted by myself in Photoshop.
These are all colors:

In the .rar file:
Nihilia_eye_001 = Ocean Blue
Nihilia_eye_002 = Toxic Green
Nihilia_eye_003 = Deep Blue
Nihilia_eye_004 = Mysterious Grey
Nihilia_eye_005 = Vivid Brown

I hope you like them, and if there's anything wrong with them, please leave a comment so I know what to do different the next time

Have fun with them and happy Simming,


Additional Credits:
I want to thank Knightskykyte, of course, for making en distributing her beautiful sclera and let others use it for their own works

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