Simple twill bedding

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Uploaded 18th Jul 2007 at 9:17 AM

As stated a simple twill bedding. I wanted something in my game without a big pattern on it in a variety of colors so it would go with just about anything. The screenshots don't really do it justice. It looks very nice in the game.

I tried to do neutrals and every day colors. I left out the orange and yellow palette 'cause I just didn't like them. If enough people want them I'll add them as well as others.

More simple beddings to follow. I'm hunting for textures now.

Additional Credits:
Thank you to Tiggerypum for the tutorial and for stopping me from knocking myself out over almost non existent seams. Maxis borked the mapping... again.

Thanks to the Creator Feedback Forum and the folks in #create as well. Your input is always constructive and most welcome.

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