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United Kingdom Police Uniform

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Uploaded: 31st Aug 2007 at 1:20 AM
Updated: 1st Sep 2007 at 6:46 PM
After searching the Wiki and asking for them in S2C's WCIF section and not finding anything, I decided to make these UK general police uniforms!

The outfits are everydaywear for men and women and will show up in everyday clothing.

I played around with the Original Maxis Law Enforcement SWAT Uniform as a base and did a similar texture for it...

I almost cracked my head open trying to understand the how-tos and I'm sure the bald spots are going to grow back in a month or so :D

You will need Rose's Captain hat mesh and SSChan's gorgeous fedora mesh for the hats to work in-game (links below).

Feel free to use in stories, movies, contests etc. No credit needed, but if you want to credit, then great! :D

Feel free to include the recolor in uploaded sims and lots linking back to here if you want. If you don't, it's ok too


The Exchange is evil...

Additional Credits:
The female model is Oriana Arias by Melodyway17, sadly she's unreleased and therefore not available for download.

The male model is my very own H.P. Baxxter, which you can download here on MTS2.


Thanks to:

-*- Faylen and HP for their amazing tutorials
-*- Melodyway17 for her gorgeous Oriana
-*- Ja6uar for putting up with my sim-addiction and being supportive of my creating
-*- Delphy and the rest of MTS2 Staff for running this site like clockwork. Without you I wouldn't be able to make such neat stuff. =)