Little Llama Baby Outfits

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2008 at 12:14 PM
Updated: 22nd May 2016 at 8:29 PM
I was tired of seeing my baby Sims dressed in nothing but a diaper. Especially since I have stupid Sims who like to put their babies down in snowbanks. So I thought the babies could use some clothes. They won't actually keep your babies warm, but at least it will look like they're warm!

This is a new mesh, and it will override the diaper in your game. You can only have one recolour installed at a time, and all your babies will wear it, so I tried to make unisex colours (though I included a couple pink ones, too). If you want to go back to using the default diaper, just remove the mesh and recolour. Also, make sure you don't have any other infant override meshes in your Downloads folder. You can only have one at a time.

If you would like to dress your boys and girls in different outfits, you can download edited versions of these clothes that were converted by artemida-sims and Saya94. Go here to download them.

If you're looking for non-defaults of these outfits, go here. Imalia has converted them for use with baby clothes-changing mods. (I've been informed that the download link for Imalia's conversions no longer works, so I've attached the zip file containing all three of her conversions -- Little Llama, Maxis Match, and Baby Bear -- in the comments here: post #132.)

Polygon Counts:
baby outfit = 1184

Custom Content by Me:
- MESH - baby outfit
- Little Llama Baby Outfit - turquoise & blue
- Little Llama Baby Outfit - red & white
- Little Llama Baby Outfit - black & white
- Little Llama Baby Outfit - green & yellow
- Little Llama Baby Outfit - pink
- Little Llama Baby Outfit - blue
- Little Llama Baby Outfit - fuchsia & lavender
- Little Llama Baby Outfit - green & aqua
- Little Llama Baby Outfit - rust & cream

Additional Credits:
Thanks to HystericalParoxysm for answering my mesh questions and helping me to get this working!