4 recolors of layerable nose freckles

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Uploaded: 9th Nov 2007 at 3:10 AM
Updated: 19th May 2008 at 1:01 AM
UPLOADING MY FILES TO THE EXCHANGE OR PAY SITES IS BAD KARMA. These blushes are hacked - use of these files is strictly at your own risk.

These are some recolors of the nose freckles I did for the Natural Redhead Project, mostly because I was using them on a sim that I made a plantsim, and I wanted to keep that feature.

The grey freckles do look a bit dark on pure white vampire default replacements. They look fine on sheer white overlays. They should also look OK on grey-toned zombies.

The extra dark freckles show up on dark human skintones, but not the ones that are almost black. Up to about the level of Maxis dark is definitely OK.


* Categorized as a blush (the Clean Installer will call it an eye color, but I think that's because I changed its layering level).

* This is layered at level 5. (Eyes and lips layer at 0, normal blushes layer at 20. Costume makeup layers at around 65).

* These four freckle blushes are binned together with my first three nose freckles, since they have almost identical alphas. They will mix with other layerable blushes, as well as one other normal (unhacked) blush.

Terms of use for these files: These files may be redistributed via shared sims, so long as those sims are available in the free section of any site, and I am credited with a link back to my profile on this site. You may not charge money or a membership fee for my files: this includes "donation files" on an otherwise free site, and sites where my files would only periodically be free.

These files may also be shared via Neighborhood 99, so long as I am properly credited.

You may recolor these files and/or use the alpha so long as your derivative works are only posted on free sites and credited as described in the previous paragraph.

Additional Credits:
Skintones by Enayla, white contacts by Bruno.