The Forest Guardians

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Uploaded 29th Feb 2008 at 4:56 PM · Updated 8th May 2010 at 5:49 PM by jmtmom

These big sets are going to kill me, I swear! Setting up my fantasy neighborhood is such an involved process. This set is designed to match the amazing Pixie Ashes by Enayla here: and here:
The skintone has not been changed in any way, I’ve only linked it to Marvine/Beosboxboy’s Body Builder meshes. The Female adult and elder are linked to the Female Bodybuilder found here:
The male teen through elder are linked to the Original Body Builder meshes found here:

Below, you’ll find clothes for every age, both genders, along with make-up, hair, and a sim. Some of it I’m quite proud of, I think the sim I created is lovely. The clothing textures are all recolored Maxis, I borrowed alphas from Marvine and a neckline alpha from All About Style. The meshes are by: Nouk (hair), Marvine, Beoxboxboy, Gothplague, BlooM, Tiggerypum and EA. All meshes are included. Most will work in any game configuration, two require the Holiday Pack, one requires Seasons. I have all Exp’s through Seasons installed and all Stuff Packs through Family Fun. Several are categorized as outerwear along with other options. I think this means they will still show up in the other categories if you don't have Seasons. Let me know if that's not true.

Use Clean Installer and you should be able to install everything:

I hope the pics are big enough to see the details. Apparently the limit on size has been changed to 150 kb, which is pretty small.

As usual, you can do whatever you like with the clothing textures or the sim except post them on paysites. If you'd prefer a different bodyshape, or the original Maxis body sizes, or can improve them, just go for it. It’s all about having fun after all. Check the individual policies for the meshes, they vary. I don't mind my textures being posted on the exchange, but most of these mesh creators don't allow it.

A big thanks for all the lovely content by generous creators. Also thanks to Hysterical Paroxysm whose tutorials helped me figure out a lot of techniques I needed to do this. A big thanks to Tiggerypum whose help made it possible for me to upload to MTS2 again sans the frustration.

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