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D. Gray-Man! Holy Marks and Noah Eyes!

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Uploaded: 4th Apr 2009 at 9:04 PM

Modder Inspiration/Notes:
After searching for hours, I couldn't find ANYTHING based on D. Gray-Man. If you haven't heard of this manga/anime, then I recommend you see it!

This is only the start of several D. Gray-Man projects I intend to complete. Since I'm currently studying abroad in Japan, please be patient as I am VERY busy! :3

///// Also, please be aware that I am pretty new to modding. Feedback is appreciated! /////

About the Finished Products:

I did my best to make it very clear which files were which for your sake (and mine). So let's get started on the descriptions!

There are two full face makeup files. One of them only has the holy marks, and the other also has "contacts" for the dark Noah form. (Y'know, just in case you wanted your sim to turn dark Noah. I may make a custom sim that by fitness level would let you change to the gray skin, but that's a huge project and therefore a seperate upload.)

For those who just want genetic Noah based eyes, I also have those.

(I may make a more doll like version of the Noah Eyes for Road Kamelot, who has larger eyes. Also, I may make a more pronounced set of "holy marks" for her too. I would add the downloads to this post, in that case.)

Download Notes:
//// If you want the contacts and/or genetic eyes, you must download the "All" file! The second download is only "holy marks", for those of you that may already have similar eyes or just don't want my eyes. ;_; ////

I edited all of these files from the BASE GAME files. I copied from the Saved Sims folder, and therefore these are the exact files I tested. There should be absolutely no problems.

By downloading my custom content, you agree not to post this to paysites. Especially not TSR! If you use any of my content in a custom sim, please link back to me with credit. As long as your download is available from a free site and not a pay site, you may include my content in the download, provided you still give me credit and link back to me. If you edit my custom content, please give me credit for the original version.

(If you make any D. Gray-Man character downloads, let me know since I'd be excited to see them. :3)

Additional Credits:
The Custom Content shown in the pictures that isn't mine and I am thankful to have:

The Man: He is wearing custom hair made by XM Sims. You can obtain it here. http://www.xmsims.com/sims2/ehtm/hair/mhair16.htm
The eyebrows are: Natural spring eyebrows by primera.

The Teen Girl: She is also using custom hair from XM Sims. They have a lot of great hair, so check them out. Her skin is Idolatry of Flesh, by HystericalParoxysm. The Eyebrows are Smooth Brows by Shady.