1980's Ranch Style House ~ 4B/4B with Skylight - Minimal CC

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Uploaded: 17th May 2011 at 3:37 PM
Updated: 28th Sep 2020 at 8:36 PM - How DO you spell basegame? *sheesh*
Sunken living room (check), loft with lounge (check), atrium with skylight (check), chrome kitchen (check), purple 2-headed hippo (uhhh...)
Here is a Ranch Style Home reminiscent of the 80's. No, the purple 2-headed hippo was not available - sorry.

Updated Sept 28, 2020 - I have updated this property for the UC (The original BG-only lot is still available, but not recommended!)
The original lot was a test of building skill back in the basegame only days... before such things as the stage tool for split-stair landings and adjustable roof slope-angles became available. I have also fixed a few inconveniences - there are no more 'stompie' traps; and the lot has a pet-washable bathtub in the sunken Master Bathroom. While I was at it, I added a second Master Suite and a gameroom with bar - both upstairs.

The only 2 pieces of CC included in the 2020 Remade version are:
- Transparent Floor Tile/Now You See Me by Frillen @ MTS2
- Invisible Ceiling Lamp by NixNivis @ NixedSims
Both are needed for the "Skylite" to look like an actual skylight.

The first 7 pictures above are of the new version:

New 2020 Remake Specs:
Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: $131,571

ORIGINAL upload/post follows:

I wanted to try a few things in basegame build mode, and with a bit of futzing I managed to get everything to do what I wanted it to do. I think I'm done with BG building challenges for a while. This is technically a single-story house with an upstairs loft in the center of it all. The L-shaped staircase is cornered by two walls. The atrium has a skylight with a roof that will hold off the snow for us Seasons players. The sunken living room has lights hidden under the stairs to try and alleviate the 'below-the-foundation' lack of sunlight.

  • Lot size: 30X20 (3X2)
  • Around 3,000 sq ft covered living space - 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, kitchen, sunken living room, separate dining room, front and back porches
  • Price = $32,681(furnished) - $31,681 (UNFurnished)
  • The Master Suite features a unique bathroom floor plan that ensures privacy even when used by two
  • Skylit Atrium between the kitchen and dining rooms - have fresh herbs any time of the year
  • Sunken Living Room with a fireplace for added intimacy to small gatherings
  • Lounge Loft with a flat panel wall TV - enjoy your "game" to the max
  • Relax with a tall one on the front porch or grill up some grub to share on the back porch
  • UNFurnished - Kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, lighting, carpet, tile, wallpaper are included
  • Furnished - add to the above: Maxis Made (BG) basic furnishings (chairs, tables, beds) plus most of the "skill-learning" objects and a few decos.
  • Wired for cable/TV
  • Telephone with included service is installed
  • Alarm systems included (for both fire and burglar)
  • Energy efficient natural gas stove and water heater
  • A neutral color scheme with boy and girl themed kids bedrooms
  • Durable quality Maxis doors and windows
  • Two beautifully detailed fireplaces
  • Minimal, yet mature, Landscaping: including cacti, a century plant, Bay tree, and Joshua trees

There are both furnished and UNFurnished versions to choose from. Both include:
CTNutmegger's MyChicCounter-UpperCabinet
iCad's Country Column recolor in Treehouse
Kimsie's Chimney recolor in Fay's Fieldstone
RGiles Transparent Floor

The Furnished version also includes:
SPX's N99maxismatch-Loveseat mesh
HugeLunatic's ModerateDoubleBed recolor in Mahogany

This house has been play-tested and is made "basegame only" with the help of Numenor's Any Game Starter (Thank you , Numenor!) The Sims2Pack download files have been thoroughly cleaned with the Clean Installer. A note about the Master Suite's wardrobe... it is currently unuseable - BUT, if you replace it with a 1-tile wardrobe (there are several here on MTS2 - try some by Ailias) there is plenty of 'dressing' room for your sims.

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: $31,681 - $32,681

Custom Content Included:
- Fay's Fieldstone chimney recolor by Kimsie @ MTS2
- MyChicCounter-UpperCabinet by CTNutmegger @ MTS2
- A partially transparent frost-covered glass tile, Simified by RGiles of MTS2 by RGiles @ MTS2
- Country ColumnRC in TreeHouse by iCad @ MTS2
- ModerateDBL_MahoganyREC by Huge Lunatic @ MTS2
- n99maxismatch-loveseat1 by Xio at N99

Additional Credits:
Thank you Maxis/EAGames for the wonderful building blocks and pixel dollies!