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Set of 8 Recolors: Not So Boring Great Taste Dining Table Recolors-NEW "Feb 2013"Recolors

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Uploaded: 13th Dec 2012 at 11:07 PM
Updated: 5th Feb 2013 at 2:25 AM - Fixing Double Compression Files.
I'm sure this table was created for a nice and relaxing restaurant. I just so happen to like this table because it has a lot of sitting space. The downside of this table is that it could be too bland for a kitchen in a Sims Home. Again, I took another sims2 item into my hands and created recolors. The tables clothes of the table range from plaid to retro recolors. These recolors are available for all of the great taste dining tables such as; Good taste, Great taste, and Impeccable taste. The great taste table can be found in night life EP. In my opinion, this table is really great to use for sim houses that contain many family members. In the image below are examples of the recolors on the "Sims 2 Nightlife: Good Dining Table.

This package contains 8 recolors for just about any person's taste.

Hi everyone! I was willing to share a little treat with you all who care about having some recolors for the great tastes dining tables. I really do like using these tables because they are great to use with large sim families are groups. Enjoy the new 16 recolor pack.

Additional Credits:
All credits go out to SimPE,Adobe Photoshop,Fraps, and Google images. Without these tools, it would have not been possible for me to create these recolors.