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Teen gothic outfits sans necklace/choker

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Uploaded: 15th Jul 2013 at 5:58 PM
Fricorith after being resurrected from the dead really changed him a lot, as such, he needed to express that change in his life. He did love his outfit and likewise the black one just like his red one, but he realized/decided the skull necklace or choker on his outfit and likewise on the black outfit wasn’t ‘him’ anymore and had to go. So he kindly asked me to remove it for him. You should see him now, ready to pose, so happy!

“I never cared for the skull necklace or choker, even before I died, now all it reminds me is of death. I would love to wear a Cross or some other type of necklace, or even nothing at all, would be better than this. Please, can you fix it?”

With little to no effort, it was removed and Fricorith was ready to pose. “So here is, Fricorith Tricou, happily showing off his before and after outfits and sporting a new hairdo, and no makeup. As you can see, you can wear it just as is, or with a one of your favorite custom necklaces just like the one Fricorith has on made by Michelle 111 Mesh by Dr Pixel. As you can see, it works very well with the skull necklace/choker removed. My thanks to Michelle 111 and Dr Pixel both. If you like the Cross necklaces, you can find and download them here, and the link to Dr Pixel get the Mesh for it to work is on the page. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=500508 Also whoever converted the base game of these clothes to the Adult size, I give you credit for that. With that said, Fricorith look over at who I got to pose for the Young Adult/Adult outfit conversion. So when you go to College you can wear the same outfits if you like, or when you become an Adult as well.”

“Gasp! Dad! My dad is alive too! Family picture time!”

“Yes, and while I get my pictures done, put your makeup back on, I hardly recognize you anymore.”