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Shop for Clothing Display Pedestal Mod

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Uploaded: 19th May 2014 at 5:36 AM
Updated: 8th Nov 2014 at 8:06 AM
Please note. I no longer support these mods. Instead all my mods can now be found at Nraas.

The basic idea behind this mod was that I wanted to choose what outfits to display on the mannequin and this way make shops that sell specific outfits. For example a wedding shop or a sporting clothe shop.

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To run this mod
You need two things to run this mod. First the ITF EP, and secondly Master controller + the Integration module. This is because MC has an advanced CAS and this mod uses that as well as using the Wrapper class twallan created and that's part of MC.

This mod doesn't override anything in MC, but it is dependent on it.

And in case anybody is wondering, no I have no plans on making a version that is not dependant on MC.

How this differs from EA's pedestal:
- Show a list of all outfits on the spesific outfit category to display.
- Calculate how many outfits have been designed in CAS and calculate the price accordingly
- Disable the pose rotating and manually choose which pose to use
- You can have multiple clothing stores on a lot with different themes and different owners.

And because this uses MC CAS:
- Compact mode CAS: CAS loads faster when in this mode (you need to enable this in MC)
- More than 3 outfits/pedestal

The interactions:

Please note these interaction are shown when clicking the pedestal not the mannequin.

- Design Outfit in CAS: Send your sim to CAS where you can design the outfits. This mod will calculate how many outfits you change and charge you accordingly.
Please note this mod currently only calcuates changes done in outfit categories:
- Everyday
- Formal
- Swimwear
- Sleepwear
- Athletic
- Outwear

This mod currently only tracks changes done in:
- Full outfit
- Lower Body
- Upper Body
So if you go to CAS and change your sims shoes, socks accessories, hair... it's not calculated as a changed outfit. If you however change your sims top, bottom or full body outfit, it's considered a new outfit.

- Purchase Pedestal Outfit: Have your sim buy the outfit currently on display.
- Select Outfit: Which outfit to display on the mannequin.
- Suggest Outfit: Make another sim buy the outfit currently on display. The sim's age and gender need to match the age and gender of the pedestal.

- Set Age/Gender/Clothing category: Set the age/gender/clothing category for this mannequin
- Set Pose: Which pose you want the mannequin to have.
- Plan Outfit: Sends the mannequin to CAS and you can design the outfits for it.

- Enable/Disable Pose Rotation: Do you want the mannequin to automatically change poses every time it's used. Default disabled.
- Set Owner: Set who gets money for any purchase made by this mannequin
- Set Price: Set the price for individual outfit

Settings.../Clothing Data...
- Set Name: Give a name for this object
- Transfer Clothing Data to...: Send the clothing data of this mannequin to another mannequin. Please note the two mannequins need to match in age, gender and clothing category.
After the clothing data is sent, you need to take the new mannequin back to CAS for the outfits to be usable. You don't need to do anything in CAS, just send the mannequin there and exit. If you want to use the old mannequin as well, you will need to send it also to CAS, and then exit for the resource key's to be recalculated.
- Enable/Disable Visibility: If you don't want the mannequin to show up when listing mannequins to whom you want to transfer the clothing data. I suggest disabling visibility on all mannequins that you are happy with and do not want even by accident to loose their data.

- Nothing I know of but I'm sure there is some. At least in the calculation of clothing whe going to CAS. This was a pain to code so I'm sure there is still something there.

Future plans:
- Make some type of stocking possibility so if you own the pedestal - you need to stock it. Now this is basically free money for the owner.
- If you shop in CAS more than what you can afford, the bill is added to your family bills. Now there is no consequences in shopping over your budget.
- Add more check points for calculating a new outfit, at least shoes.

This mod overrides two EA ITUN files.
- Purchase_ShoppingPedestal: autonomousy has been turned off so sims will not buy the pedestal outfit on their own. Please note this ITUN file is common for all pedestals so the autonomous item pedestal shopping is false as well.
- CreateAnOutfit_Dressr: Disabled being able being to plan an outfit from the dresser. Because this mod needs MC to operate you can send any sim to CAS through that if you don't want to go shopping.
You can tune the settings in these two ITUN files to suit your own gameplay needs by opening the mod in S3PE and doin the changes.

This mod will conflict with other mods that override these two ITUN files but if you want to use my mod + those then remove these ITUN files from the mod by opening them in S3PE and deleting them.

Additional Credits:
Twallan because he made the better CAS and the wrapper class.