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''Charme Style Series'' 1 little Charme Road

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2014 at 4:39 AM
Hello Peeps!

i bring to you the first of a series called ''Charme Style'' my goal in this is to create ressidential and community lots in a sweet, floral, relaxing and country side style.
basicly that looks just charming, that is the word that comes back in my mind everytime i think about this little project.

my other goals are also to keep the lots small and very little use of CC so that everybody can have use of my project.

now untill furder due i bring you the first lot called 1 Little Carme Road, the idea in mind for this lot was good ol granny style! something lovely for your retired sims to live in for the rest of there lives <3
it comes with a living + dining room, 1 bedroom + small hobby room / or 2 bedroom, a downstairs toilet, 1 upstairs badroom and a lovely garden. i left space out in the front yard for a possible drive/car.

i hope you like it! thank you

next up will be 3 more lots and then i will start on some community lots

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: 34,537

Custom Content Included:
- Snazzy horizontal siding to match my craftsman shingles. by Sixtyten

Additional Credits:
mzcynnamon: for Neighborhood Greener Grass replaces Maxis grass Terrain

Phaenoh: for White Roof Trim Defaults