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Project "Sims-Santorini". Part 5. Set "Old town"(floors and terrain paints)

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Uploaded: 19th Mar 2015 at 7:12 PM
Hi! I'm glad to see you again! The Project " Sims-Santorini " continues!
Now I suggest set "Old town" to you.

Set includes:
1. 19 stone floors (screenshots 05, 06, 07)

All floors found in Build / Floors / Stone for §1
2. 7 tile floors (screenshot 08)
All floors found in Build / Floors / Tile for §1
3. 8 floors= ceilings (screenshot 08)
All ceilings found in Build / Floors / Cement for §1
4. 18 terrain paints (screenshots 09, 10).
Found in Build / Terrain Paints for §1.
5. Collection file.
I advise you to download collection file (SS_Old_ town _collection.rar). So you will save time. You do not have to search the floors across all Floors section.

In game

Choose, download and enjoy.