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Gardener Service 2

41,697 Downloads 902 Thanks  Thanks 358 Favourited 86,821 Views
Uploaded: 22nd Apr 2016 at 12:31 AM
Updated: 26th Apr 2016 at 5:16 PM


* This mod is a reworked version of my old Gardener Service mod. I performed many script changes that made it incompatible with the old mod. *
* Please, uninstall the old version of the mod before use this one *

This mod allows you to request the Gardener Service from any residential lot to take care of your Garden. Just click on the Interaction "Gardener Service 2 > Request Service" from the any landline telephone. It's a "Recurrent Service" like the Maid so, once requested, the Gardener comes everyday at 8AM and leaves at 6PM.

New Features:
  • More stable
  • Fast gardening tasks
  • Less unnecessary routes
  • Supports more npcs per lot

Old Features:
  • Water (also control the Sprinklers)
  • Weed
  • Harvest (automatically transfers to the "Home Fridge" (if it's edible) or the "Sim TeenOrAbove Inventory")
  • Dispose Dead/Barren Plants
  • You can request the Service on additional Lots you own.
  • It's possible to configure the Tasks: Enable/Disable (Water, Weed, Harvest, Fertilize, Dispose);
  • Fertilize (Nice Quality)

Uninstall Instruction:
-To avoid corruption of the Saved Game:
- Reset the Service using the landline telephone (not mobile) interaction "Gardener Service 2 > Reset Service", wait until the gardeners leave.
- Save your game and Quit.
- Remove the package file.

Known Issues:
- The gardener can't garden if you have a locked gate in your Garden.

Additional Credits:
Sim Outfit editor/creator Tool from "CmarNYC" MTS; S3PE S3OC Inge and Peter Jones
nraas - DebugEnabler