Three Lakes Festival Area NO CC

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Uploaded: 17th Mar 2018 at 11:27 PM
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"RIFFEST" is a festival and tradition that's been going on for many years, decades even in Three Lakes. Many famous and popular artists, legends, performers and bands come here every year to rock the stage. Musicians from all categories, everything from the super famous and popular pop star Lisa Sim to the rock gods of Tapout, you name it they come here. If your family loves music and listening to music and going to concerts or even performing on stage, then this is a perfect place for you! Or if your band has a lot of fans in Three Lakes, now you can play a show in front of them!

I initially got the idea to build this lot when I was searching on a couple of sites trying to find a concert like lot like an arena or festival or something along those lines, but I couldn't find many good ones. And I couldn't find specifically a festival lot so I decided to make my own and I thought while I was building it, why not make a festival in Three Lakes? My band is touring around the world so why not, and I love Three Lakes as a vacation destination.

One of my inspirations to this lot was the Swedish festival Br�valla. Although this lot looks nothing like what the Br�valla festival area typically looks like. But still in terms of structure and layout there are some similarities. I was there two years ago from today, and I remember similar to this lot it also had a ticket booth at the entrance and front gates, I think two different performing stages, one of them being bigger where most artists and bands were performing on during the day. It also had a bar to hang out and take some drinks and some food courts. The toilets were nasty and not nearly as fresh, clean, hygienic and pleasant as the toilets in this lot are. This lot might look like a shopping district with the shop, espresso Cafe, nice toilets, bar and food court but it wasn't my intention for it. It was just what I wanted for this lot, if I were to build a festival area, how would I have built it? And this is how I envisioned this festival. The stage is somewhat small, but I challenged myself to build as good of a festival area as possible within the limits of the lot size which I was limited of and it was a way for me to be more creative.

The main theme of this lot is mountain theme from the BV expansion pack, but there is also A LOT OF STUFF from the other stuff and expansion packs. One of my goals I had when I built this lot was to make the buildings and the place as a whole to look reminiscent to the other lots and buildings in Three Lakes, and I personally think I achieved it. It looks as if it belongs in Three Lakes and is a unique lot on its own, and a fun place to be as well!

One thing I did in the process of building this lot was I built this lot first with the festival area without the stage and then moved it to my catalog. I did that because I had a couple of ideas of how to build the stage, what it was going to look like and how big it was going to be. And then I took the unfinished festival area lot and built the stage that now is on this lot. If anyone would like me to build a bigger stage with a different backstage area on this same festival area I would be happy to do that, let me know if anybody is interested.

I am very proud of this lot and I hope you enjoy it!

Feedback is appreciated!

Lot Size: 5x5
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