Biggest Little Mod for Toddlers

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Uploaded: 28th Aug 2018 at 12:22 PM
Updated: 1st Jul 2020 at 5:08 PM by TheSweetToddler - Added info
I come again, to surprise all of you to another mod. A special mod for toddlers! So basically this mod enhances the gameplay of a toddler.

If the file says it's corrupted when downloading then update your WinRAR or zip.

Update 05/09/2018 Added a flavor to disable toddlers from using the toilet. This is for those who want their game less cheatsy, but don't want to go through the hassle of adding the skill to the ITUN as well as the sims. DO NOT download both packages, only have 1 in your game.

Mod Info

- This mod was built and tested with game version 1.69, but should work with other versions.
- What type of mod is this? - This is a tuning mod.
- Animations - most custom made, some converted and tweaked. Sometimes clipping may take place, such as when toddlers hug children.
-EPs: You'll need to have Pets, Generations and Seasons for some interactions to work.


Toddlers can perform these interactions:

-Listen to Ghost story.
-Hug adult or child. (Found in Friendly section)
-Use toilet
-Play in toilet (bowl)
-Watch ants in ant farm.
-Splash in puddle.
-Children can play with the toddler who's playing with a Xylophone or Peg box.
-Adults and Children can Make a Silly Face to toddlers now. Found in the "Funny" section.

Interactions Info

- Keep in mind toddlers won't hug children or adults if their relationship is "Friends" or lower. They have to be good friends with a sim to hug them.
- Toddlers will get bored if a sim uses the make silly face interaction too much. Adults and children can reject the toddler's hug if done too much too.
- Toddlers can shoo a stranger or a visitor away. Toddlers will also shoo a sim if they want to use a toilet and that sim in in the room with the toilet.


If you want to make the game less cheatsy, you can add the following in the Skill threshold line in the "use toilet" ITUN file to make it so toddlers have to be potty trained to use the toilet.

<SkillThreshold SkillThresholdType="PottyTrain" SkillThresholdValue="1" />

Do know that sims made in CAS or that haven't been potty trained will not be able to use the toilet since they don't have the potty training skill. Only add this line if you know what you're doing and have NRaas Master Controller to add the potty training skill to a sim older than a toddler.

Known Issues

-Clipping can happen.
-Some voices don't go too well with some animations...
-Male toddlers always "lift up" the seat, there's no animation of them doing it, so the toilet seat will always go up when male toddlers use it.
-Children are a little too far away when they play with a toddler with the xylo or peg box. You can move them closer though in buy mode
with "MoveObjects on" cheat.


This mod will conflict with any other mod that changes the behavior of the interactions listed above.
This mod may also conflict with other mods affecting the behavior of the toilet, as well as some other mods that have the edited.


-Please do not re-upload my mod to paysites or claim it as your own!
-Enjoy and Happy Simming!

Thank you Sofmc9 for helping me get the EP interactions to work

Additional Credits:
-Sofmc9 for helping me with some interactions and converting the splash in puddle animations.