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I love creating poses and animations!

Hello! My journey of making content for The Sims 3 first started when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I first started making poses for my game, but then I stopped later on and I didn't make any more content until Summer of 2017, when I was 12, I started with making poses once again, and later on in the year I started with animation. Then came 2018, and this was when I started to get older and I made more things other than poses and animations, I developed new mods, recolored clothes, hair and made some new furniture objects. And in 2019, I made new clothes, poses/animations and now I've just started making script mods! And from here on, I hope I won't lose interest in animation, because I dream of working as an animator for future Sims games or other gaming companies :)

And I just want to remind you something, you can be, do and have anything you want in your life, but only as long as you believe so!

(No requests please! Suggestions/ideas are welcome from time to time though).

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Game mods script & core

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  • SCIENCE!!!!!
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Biography: I'm a 16 year old little lady called Savannah, but call me Sav. Oh, and also, I can wiggle my ears! Location: Canary Islands (Spain) Interests: Animating, and more animating. I also make mods and renders for The Sims 3 and play Overwatch! Occupation: High Schooler & 3D Animator :)

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