Modern Desert House

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Uploaded: 6th Oct 2018 at 10:44 AM
Updated: 24th Jun 2022 at 5:46 PM

A large, modern house for the rich Sim who is fond of desert views and pools. Probably unsuited to the eco-friendly (I hate to think how much water would evaporate in real life) but party animals would love all the spaces for entertaining.

The ground floor has a large open-plan living/dining/kitchen/bar area, with a games room, gym and spa to one side and a hobbies room and spacious master suite to the other. Upstairs are a family room, two children's bedrooms, a nursery and a guest room. The house has five conventional bathrooms plus an all-in-one. There are further living areas outside, some in full sun and others shaded by the overhanging roof. The main infinity pool overflows on two sides into a lap pool, which continues under the glass floor of the living room to join the landscaped 'natural' pool at the front of the house. The garage has parking for four cars (with space for two more if you're not bothered about having realistic room to manoeuvre) and two bikes. This leads into a basement workshop/laboratory.

The house was built for 228 Sedona Lane, Lucky Palms, but would probably fit into other worlds with a change of landscaping.

  1. Extensively play-tested by a large family with several pets. All of the pools are fully useable — university mascots seem particularly fond of swimming under the house. The only minor issue is that, despite all of the available beds, Sims will occasionally try to use the sleeping bag that's pretending to be a rolled-up gym mat and get frustrated that it's inaccessible.
  2. The fire in the living room is actually a fire pit. Use moveobjects to place it somewhere a Sim can light it, then move it back into the fireplace.

Custom unfurnished version

I've included a custom unfurnished version because the game thinks that chimneypots and fog emitters are furniture, while modular seating and tables aren't. I also used some buy mode items in the landscaping (notably the rugs used as paving leading up to the front door).

Required/optional content

Content used in the house structure: Ambitions (arches), Late Night (fireplace), Pets (fireplaces), Showtime (living room fire), Into the Future (windows, floor panels, stairs, fence), Lucky Palms (Rectangular Clearstory Window), BahHaus (garage door, La-Di-Da, High-Reaching and Immaculate windows). The Island Paradise garage door, base-game Window Shmindow and the Thin Shin and Peephole Windows from ITF would make reasonable substitutes for the store content.

The landscaping has plants from Lucky Palms, Pets, Showtime and ITF. Everleaves and Flora Fierce from the discontinued Renault set are used around the edge of one of the terraces. Nature's Blades and Sippin' Succulents are the equivalent items from the Toyota set if you have that instead. Alternatively, you could just add more fencing. The rocks are from World Adventures, Island Paradise and Sunlit Tides; pool waterfalls from Island Paradise.

Lighting is from Town Life (loads of Ionu spotlights), Island Paradise and Showtime. The kitchen units are a mix of ITF and Outdoor Living, with Generations and Late Night appliances and the Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill from the store. You'll probably want to add extra kitchen units and a second cooker if you don't have this. One of the bathrooms has a pair of Alvar Vintage Aqua Washbasins, which could easily be replaced by an alternative.

The furnished version makes heavy use of Late Night, Generations, Seasons, Town Life, Outdoor Living and Diesel. There are few items from the other EPs and SPs, plus some from the store. Most of these are decorative objects and could easily be omitted or replaced.

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 523,701
Lot Price (unfurnished): 309,365

Additional Credits:
Thanks to velocitygrass for the deco removal tool and Add Any Lot Size mod, which were both used while building the house, and Shimrod for the soft lighting mod, used for the photos.