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Cabin At The Lake (No CC)

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Uploaded: 27th Feb 2020 at 12:18 AM
Hello again everyone! We're back again with a new luxury home for your Sims to enjoy! Today I am bringing you a home that I built in the world of Hidden Springs, specifically, at 55 Ruby Ave. It was the perfect lot to build this home as it offered such a great view of the town, mountains, and water!

This house is a large three bedroom and six bathroom log and stone cabin with a spacious open floor plan, and many grand amenities that make it the ideal mountainside retreat! These include an indoor swimming pool, home theater, two bars, a wine cellar, a game room, and more! The interior is decorated in rustic and natural colors and decorated with elegant furnishings that bring the sense of nature indoors.

The floor plan is as follows:
- Great Room and Foyer
- Kitchen
- Dining Room
- Side Porch
- Guest Suite w/ Walk-In Closet
- Two Car Garage
- Two Bathrooms
- Laundry Room

- Game Room
- Master Suite w/ Walk-In Closet
- Guest Suite w/ Walk-In Closet
- Three Bathrooms

- Indoor Pool
- Bar
- Wine Showroom
- Entertainment Area
- Home Theater
- One Bathroom
- Extra Store Room/ Hobby Room

Outside it a large sweeping upper deck that wraps around the back of the home. Two staircases will take you to the ground level where a fire pit and hot tub are set for enjoying an evening outdoors!

I hope you all enjoy this cabin! It is the perfect addition to Hidden Springs or any world you may choose and I hope you have fun playing it in your games! Happy Simming!

Lot Size: 45x45
Lot Price (furnished): $429,972
Lot Price (unfurnished): $188,691