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Modernist Sanctuary

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Uploaded: 2nd Nov 2018 at 4:43 PM
Ladies and gents, Simmers of all ages, allow me to present a modern yet humble mansion of both cozy offerings and lavish splendours. A five-bedroom, three-bathroom monolith of modernist execution and homely finesse, the Modernist Sanctuary, perfect for those Sim families seeking space as well as comfort and a little bit of the flashy good life without having to offer up an arm and a leg... or at least not too much of it.
Seek refuge in passionate dark walls, towering windows, and generous spaces in Modernist Sanctuary that offers plenty of these fine comforts.
- - -

I had initially started this home by following a modern floor plan of one I'd come across on Pinterest. Though as I followed it and plotted how to go about the space with TS2's tools, ended up taking creative liberties and changing details where I saw fit. I'm especially pleased with this one because I've a weakness for two-storey rooms, which is what I've done with the dining room. Of course, to keep to the minimalist/modern theme, I tried using as sparing colours as possible throughout the home, but of course, feel free to change everything in your own game.

Please note!! The Bespoke garage by Honeywell, the Liam door by Adele, and the Maxis Matrix/Craftsman arches by tbudgett are all slaves to a master file. Please make sure you visit the links and download the folders to ensure they work in-game with this lot.
Another note: the Bon Voyage chandelier over the staircase on the second floor is placed with moveobjects. It is not possible to place a hanging light there without this cheat.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (unfurnished): §45, 748

Custom Content Included:
- Liam Door IV by Adele by Adele at MTS2
- gruth Fence by ulmille at MTS2
- Modern Minimalist Staircases by Ailias at MTS2 - mesh + wood2 recolour
- Bespoke OpenAuto Garage Door by Honeywell at MTS2
- Just some, y'know, carpet. by iCad at MTS2 - Plushie Carpet in Creamy Cocoa, Plushie Carpet in Element, Plushie Carpet in Canyon Wall,
- Quiet Morning - Walls and Floors by Lina at MTS2
- A chic and metropolitan subway tile. by phoenix_phaerie at MTS2 - Tile
- Part of the Rolf Logan Urban Loft Collection - A modern palette of 60 sophisticated shades reminiscent of a city landscape. Fashioned exclusively for The Sims 2 by Xtian. by Xtian at MTS2 - No. UL05, UL13, and UL28.
- Dual-Side Craftsman 1Tile Arch On 2 Tiles by tbudgett at MTS2
- Dual-Side Craftsman Extendable Arch Side by tbudgett at MTS2
- Metro Window Set by Tiggy027 at MTS2 - Mesh, 1-tiled full frame windows, privacy windows
- From the Fall Collection based off Behr Paint. Created by Danikat. by Danikat at MTS2 - Chocolate Curl with Baseboard, Celery Sprig with Baseboard
- Valspar Inspired Signature Colors offers the colors of leading designers in a revolutionary paint finish. by Miss Simpleton at MTS2 - Lilac, Dark Mango, Sailor Blue