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Comfortable Classic Reno 3Bed 3Bath

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Uploaded: 17th Feb 2019 at 8:33 PM
I would of posted this sooner except there was a routing issue caused by the roofing. This is all fixed and should work fine, however, if you find anything else I may have missed in my testing please let me know.

This home is a renovation of the Comfortable Classic Starter home in Moonlight Falls. Moonlight Falls is my favorite world of all of EA worlds because of the old Victorian style homes that are in it along with all of the trees and scenery as well.

This home offers an eat in kitchen, dining, upright piano, garage, kids room, guest room, master bedroom with on suite bath, porches, decks and an attic.

Want to see how this lot was created?-->VIDEO

Furnishing of this house was done in a live stream. I apologize you can't hear me at the beginning but it does get better as the live stream went on.-->Interior Live Stream Video

Store Content Used:
Flour Sack & Cookie Jar <--From Deliciously Indulgent Bakery
Edwardian Expression Painting
Love to Love You Lounge
The Clever Curtain <--From the Gold Version of Sunlit Tides
Let there be Sims Painting <--FREE
Earth Day Plants <--FREE

If you do not have one or more of the expansion packs or store items used, that is okay. The game will just replace what you don't have with something that you do have.

Thank you for all of your support!


Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price (furnished): $122,376
Lot Price (unfurnished): $57,512