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Deadwood Dining Room Set Conversion

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2019 at 10:07 PM
I'm really enjoying making these conversions and you seem to really like them which makes it even better
I want to try and convert as much stuff as I can

This upload contains to conversions:

The Dead Wood Table 315§

The Dead Wood Table is the most eco-friendly furnishing that will ever grace your island home! All of the wood is harvested by nature's lumberjack, the monsoon -- resulting in a more weathered look than is found in commercially harvested wooden furniture.

It can be found under:
Buy Mode> Objects by Room> Dining Room> Dining tables
Buy mode> Objects by Function> Surfaces> Dining tables

The Restless Native's Dining Chair 215§

The Restless Native's Dining Chair represents jungle ingenuity at its finest! Once a sapling, now it is transformed into a rustic dining chair. These makeshift dining chairs are both durable and stylish, but lack niceties such as paint and splinter removal.

This can be found under:
Buy Mode> Objects by Room> Dining Room> Dining chairs
Buy mode> Objects by Function> Comfort> Dining chairs

Both items come with 3 color swatches.

Thank you everyone for the nice feedback it's really appreciated :lovestruc

Polygon Counts:
The Deadwood Table:
LOD0 2404
LOD1 1690
LOD2 1215

ShadowLOD0 2378
ShadowLOD1 1664
ShadowLOD2 1189

The Restless Native's Dining Chair:
LOD0 1388
LOD1 979
LOD2 706

ShadowLOD0 1362
ShadowLOD1 953
ShadowLOD2 680

Additional Credits:
Sims4Studio SimPE blender
Adobe Photoshop
EA/Maxis for the original meshes and textures