Tahanan ni Atong

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Uploaded: 2nd Sep 2019 at 1:17 PM
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One of the many vernacular structures in my custom world San Simeon, this small house follows the basics of native Filipino architecture and has kept it more or less the same apperance since before colonial times. Here we have a home with a thatch roof, bamboo and palm leaf wall sheathings, and a single interior room. It also comes with an open-air kitchen attached to the house and an attached outhouse that serves as a bathroom. It is essentially a farmhouse and has a large plot of land to grow a small farm. I left this house completely unfurnished to give you folks the freedom to deck it out the way you like. Would you rather live the way the colonial inquiliños did in the olden days, or would you rather bring this home forward two centuries and have the family enjoy TV and Internet.

Historically, houses like this (known as bahay kubo in standard Filipino, derived from Tagalog) represented the type of dwellings that most common Filipinos lived throughout the colonial period and beforehand. This particular model represents an average home, and can be furnished as simply or as comfortably as its residents demand. Many homes like this are still constructed today; people prefer them because they are naturally cool, easy to build, and have a certain rustic charm that's hard to beat. These houses can be electrified (and usually are today, if the owners can afford it), though it comes with a heightened risk for fire.

These houses are entirely made of wood and thatch and are sometimes built on top of stilts (in this case, a wooden platform) that sets it above the ground. This not only allowed the circulation of air but also defended the family from crawling insects and from floods. In some cases, the stilts could be a full story in height.

Rooms were a luxury in the olden days so the entire family must share a room. Eventually, you may choose to give mom and dad the luxury of a single room to themselves, since eventually, they'll need to make a small army of children to tend to their farm.

Required Custom Content

I used the following items to get this house to look the way it does. These were not included along with the upload, but are necessary to achieve the overall aesthetic of the home:

Tokyo windows (2-tile private and 2-tile counter) by Mutske on TSR
No-knocker country doors by declarations-of-drama on Tumblr (blog is down)
Heavy wood arches by Lisen801 on MTS
Old stick fence and gate by Cyclonesue on TSR

This home was named after my maternal grandfather Renato, now deceased. He was fond of gardening in his retirement.

Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price (furnished): 16985
Lot Price (unfurnished): 17585