Tokyo Mashup: City Block for Gym

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Uploaded: 10th Nov 2019 at 7:45 PM
Initially this community lot was built only to be a "filler lot" for my "Japanese big city" style savegame, designed merely to look high-density and bustling, set to No Visitors Allowed. During construction though I realized I needed a functional community area for my Athletic job-oriented sims, so I decided to change it to Gym and furnished a part of it for physical activities. Still, only about the quarter of the whole lot has furnished interiors, the rest of it is still a "filler" with darkened units.

All the exterior details, wall textures, street objects are based on real-life Tokyo city details. My priority was to build a full city block with all of its four sides look like street front. So no matter how you rotate it, the visual is always a street front - this hopefully can be useful if you want to place it more than once within the same city district (like on the pic above!) because you can rotate it to make it seem to be a different city block each time. For the furnished section though, I set a Front Door for the tallest of the buildings, as an official entrance for visitor sims.

Interior layout:
1F (ground floor) - Fitness club reception desk, coin-lockers and restrooms (all-in-one bathrooms from Island Paradise!)
2F A - Fitness room with exercise machines (accessible either by stairs or elevator)
2F B - Virtual golf bar with LN Mixologist bar (accessible either by stairs from street or a connection from the fitness room)
6F - Martial arts training room (accessible by elevator only!)

Please don't expect ballroom-size interiors: these are tight spaces, simulating a Japanese midtown environment. I made serious efforts to arrange it to be authentically tight but at the same time absolutely playable. Still, there are walls here and there around your camera, so download only if you can deal with it. Also, the whole lot looks performance-heavy like hell, but during playtest I didn't experience noticeable lag because of that (and I have a 7 years old config).

No CC, no Stuff Packs, no Store items. Necessary EPs: Late Night, Showtime, University Life (these are crucial), and World Adventures, Ambitions, Generations, Seasons, Island Paradise.

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): 375,362
Lot Price (unfurnished): 192,507

Additional Credits:
- apart from Google Street View, I owe thanks to SEGA Games Co. because their Yakuza videogame series have been a big help to arrange the streetscape details, and the in-door connections of staircases and elevators. The SEGA sign on a building-top is a token of my gratitude.