Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 [Simified Timescape]

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2020 at 4:44 PM
*Today is my birthday, so I upload my old CC & Mods to MTS*
*This CC was made & first uploaded on March 18, 2012*

Hello all!

Because lack of phones for TS2, I decided to create one. My first object upload (finally, it's done..).
Based on my real-life own smartphone... Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10.

A high-end, first smartphone by Sony Ericsson to utilize the Android operating system.

With Timescape, an integrated media and communication system that aggregates all the activity of the device owner and his or her friends. Sims can browse stacks of tiles revealing status updates from SimFacebook and SimTwitter, calls or text messages, added by sims.
Now available as a cellphone default replacement for your smart, tech savvy, and stylish sims.

Your sims now can feel their first Android experience!

Installation instructions:
*Requires University EP for enabling cellphone object.
*Extract .rar file to C:/ Users/(Your Username)/ My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads. Make sure .package file is in "Downloads" folder, then the XPERIA X10 should be replacing the default phone. If it appears default phone, delete/sell that default phone. Then buy cellphone from Kiosk Vending Machine (blue electronic machine selling gadget in community lots). Costs $299.
*Or, for short way, you can type SHIFT+CTRL+C, type on white box "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" <--without ["], then press ENTER. SHIFT+left click on your sim. "Cellphone - Remove Cellphone". After your sim' previous default sold/disappeared in inventory, SHIFT+left click on your sim. "Cellphone - Give". Then your sim will receive XPERIA X10 in inventory, for free.

AND REMEMBER... Only install ONE cellphone default replacement --> One XPERIA X10 default replacement. Make sure to delete other custom cellphone replacement from your "Downloads" folder before to make XPERIA X10 appears properly.

Default replacement phone will replace all existing previous default phones. You cannot make your sim one has XPERIA, other one has iPhone, and other two has Blackberry... Sorry Only one default replacement. If you install other custom cellphones at the same time with my XPERIA replacement, the rest other custom cellphones won't show up in game, only my XPERIA that will show up replace all cellphones. OR my XPERIA won't show up, other custom cellphone will replace all cellphones.

Models from top to bottom: 1). Matthew Hart; 2). Gabriel Green; 3). Joshua Ruben (guitar); 4). Tiffany Sampson; 5). Frances J.Worthington III

For strange cases, many simmers reported their custom cellphone missing from inventory after their sims receive a call, or try to make a call. It's not custom content's fault, it's Apartment Life issues.
If you installed Apartment Life, and experienced "missing cellphone", INSTALL J.M.Pescado's Unofficial AL Patch . backup your save game data first for safe.
I had experienced this before. Since I got AL installment, my sims' cellphone suddenly gone. Disappeared from inventory, after receive a call. Before I installed AL, I'd never experienced this "missing cellphone". Then I tried to install this and saw what its effect... My sims' cellphone has been working 100% normal until now.

Stay safe & Stay healthy everyone
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Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
All default replacement tutorials in MTS, J.M.Pescado's Unofficial AL patch, Milkshape 3D, UV Mapper, Photoshop CS5, Sony Ericsson (Now SONY) enterprise for creating and selling XPERIA X10 in real life (all rights reserved).