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Potted Plants Collection [Updated]

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 13th Jun 2019 at 6:43 PM
Updated: 4th Mar 2021 at 6:44 PM
I've managed to put together 10 potted plants I made using bits of various meshes/textures from the game.
These items should work without or with any expansion packs.

UPDATE 07.01.2020 - All plants now have two subsets: the plant and the pot.
Meshes and recolor files have been updated. *note: old recolors will only work for plant subset!*

Empty thumbnails bug: old version of TinyLollipopTree-LightGreen-MESH was corrupted in a weird way and sometimes could cause empty thumbnails for other CC items. If your game has been affected, please replace the mesh with the new one and refresh the thumbnails. Apologies to anyone that experienced this. Big thanks to Krabby and Epi for the detective work.

Bonus pack:
"Square Metal Planter" - Buy Mode/Decorative/Misc/ 50$ - cloned from a planter by Honeywell, has one placement slot. A match for Hosta in a Tall Pot.
"Stone Bowl Planter" - Buy Mode/Surfaces/Misc/ 200$ - has one placement slot that will accept large 1-tile objects like shrubs, trees etc.
"Shabby Coffee Table" - Buy Mode/Surfaces/Coffee Tables/ 60$ - has two placement slots. I used Disappearing Coffee Table to arrange the plants for the screenshots.
"Small Hydrangea" - Build Mode/Garden Center/Shrubs/ 99$ - non-growing flower shrub. Fits the Stone Bowl Planter.

Potted Plants Collection Pack:
Buy Mode/Decorative/Plants:

"Decorative Moss Ball" - 125$ /(Room decor rating:1),
"Tiny Lollipop Tree" - 125$ /(1),
"Hosta in a Tall Pot" - 149$ /(1),
"Fern in a Round Pot "S" - 149$ /(1),
"Fern in a Round Pot "XL" - 190$ /(2),
"Small Flowering Cactii" - 110$ / (1),
"Large Flowering Cactii" - 155$ /(2),
"Small Cycas Plant" - 200$ /(2),
"Old Cycas Plant" - 465$ /(3).
"Balcony Bamboo" - 460$ /(3).

I've generated random GUIDs for my mesh files.
More info:

Remember to check if all new objects meshes you put in your folders show up in the game


Maxis EA for meshes and textures

If you like the grey floors, look for the file included in the comments section (1st page).

Polygon Counts:
Square Metal Planter: Poly=118, Vertex=176,
Shabby Coffee Table: Poly=390, Vert=716,
Tiny Lollipop Tree: Poly=421 Vertex=593,
Decorative Moss: Poly=540 Vertex=527,
Hosta in a Tall Pot: Poly=567,Vertex=658,
Small Hydrangea: Poly=821, Vertex-1910
Small Flowering Cactii: Poly= 895, Vertex=668,
Large Flowering Cactii: Poly= 973,Vertex=740,
Fern large & small: Poly=966, Vertex=1095,
Balcony Bamboo: Poly=1018 Vertex=1165,
Stone Bowl Planter: Poly=1056, vertex=634,
Old & Small Cycas Plant: Poly=1310, Vertex=1252.

Additional Credits: SimPE