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Pastry Lover Trait (New version v1.3)

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Uploaded: 5th Nov 2020 at 12:06 PM
Updated: 7th Sep 2021 at 9:05 PM - Fixed a problem where some features were missing

New Features v1.3

Baking Classes
For beginners bakers, your Sim can now take a baking class. Use the new computer interaction Take Beginner Cake Decorating Class and your Sim will receive a small increase in their skills related to cooking or baking.

Your Sim can also watch the Cakeflix service for a payement of 15 Simoleons. I plan to make a custom cooking channel named Cakeflix TV on the computer as soon as I have more time.

For more advanced Sims (level 6 in Baking skill), you can send them to a new Rabbit Hole Take a Baking Masterclass, this course is paying off. But your Sim will return with a larger gain in their skills like Baking, Homestyle, Gourmet Cooking, and Culinary performance (if your Sim has the career).

Baking TV Show
Your Sim can go participate to the Baking TV Show, trying to beat the other contestants and earn Fame and money, if your Sim finishes the contest in first place of course! You can find this new interaction when you click on your Sim and select the new Baking Lover menu. However you can only participate in the contest once a week and only on Sundays, your Sim must be at level 10 in Baking skill. This rabbit hole takes a longer time to complete.

New Pie Menu
I finally created a new pie menu also named Baking Lover to find more easily social interactions by clicking on other Sims (this menu can be found in the friendly section). And for future additions to the mod.


I am very happy to share with you my new Pastry Lover trait. this trait adds 10 new buffs, and 3 new social interactions, one of which allows you to receive the Baking skill (for the another Sims) by sharing baking tips. You can also ask another Sim for his favorite cake. Your Sim will get an answer from the other Sim.

Your Sim will get different buffs depending on the situation, baking a cake, talk with other Sims, being in a coffee Shop, watching TV or if your Sim hasn't baked anything for long time for example.

The Sim with the Pastry Lover Trait the following skills will increase:

  • Baking Skill
    Cooking / Gourmet Skill
    Increase Culinary Career performance / Daily Task
    Motive Fun
    And much whims!

Available languages : EN / FR / ES / RU / IT

Spanish translation (Thanks to Galandei)
Russian (Thanks to Trail_of_blood & Akitai)
Italian (Thanks to xISYx)

Other translations are welcome
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Additional Credits:
Made with Zerbu's Mod Constructor & Sims 4 Studio.