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Functional Washboard - Sims 4 Conversion

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Uploaded: 28th Nov 2020 at 10:56 PM
Updated: 27th Sep 2023 at 12:54 PM
Update 26th September 2023!
Now you can bathe toddlers in the tub! Animations are made by TheSweetSimmer so you know they're adorable.
This interaction can be performed by teens or older and is not autonomous.
There are a couple new strings so I attached the translation files to translate/update.
I started working on this update about 2 years ago so I'm honestly not sure exactly what I did. Nothing big, but I may have fixed some bugs and the tubs can be used for laundry on community lots now. I also set the ITUN to let teens do laundry by default so you don't need to tune that yourself.


Functional Washboard
A new way to do laundry! And a harder way to do laundry! None of this electric "washing machine" nonsense - back in my day you had to scrub your clothes in a tub for 2 hours! Not really, but now your sims can do this as an alternative to the washing machine, if they are so inclined to.

This is effectively a conversion of the Sims 4 washboard/wash tub from Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff, although "conversion" is a stretch, as I basically took some pieces from the sims 4, squished 'em together, wrung them out and got this. Not all of the features and animations from the original made it over, as it was very time consuming, and it really scrubbed away my patience so I'm feeling pretty washed out by now. Ahem.

The basic functions are still there though - sims can collect laundry from the floor or from hampers and scrub them using the washboard. Once they're done, they can then move the clean clothes to a clothesline, or put them in a dryer (though why they'd be using a dryer and not a washing machine is something I cannot comprehend). They don't need to empty or fill up the tub with water, it just happens when they are putting laundry in or taking it out.

The Tub
The Wash Tub can be found in Bathroom/Laundry or Appliances/Misc Appliances called Wash Tub, for 100 simoleons.
It has 3 recolourable channels - the tub, the washboard frame, and the washboard slats, and it comes with a basic preset with the tub as a white/beige paint texture.

Once the tub is placed down, you can use it to do laundry, though you will also need another laundry item to start spawning clothes, so a hamper or a clothesline.
If there are clothes on the lot, you can click on the tub to Wash Clothes, and your sim will go round the lot collecting clothes and then wash them at the tub.
The interaction is only on the tub itself, so if you try to do laundry via clicking on a hamper, then they will use a washing machine or it will say you can't do laundry - so just remember that it's the wash tub you need to click to do the custom interaction.

You can't use the wash tub on community lots, but maids (and probably butlers) will use them to do laundry.

If you cancel the washing interaction before the clothes have been cleaned, you will need to wash them again from scratch. If you have started washing clothes, you can continue washing, and sims will carry on scrubbing without collecting clothes first. Though you can drag laundry into the tub if the wash tub is empty or has dirty laundry in it.

Only YAs, As,and Es can wash clothes, but Ts can also move clothes to dryer/clothesline.
Eco-friendly sims get a positive moodlet from using the wash tub but it's an existing moodlet so the message talks about the clothesline rather than the tub itself.

The tub object, cloth, animations and sound was taken from the sims 4.
Wash Tub - high 1348 total (2 geostates) low 680 total
Accessory cloth - 152

There are ITUN files for the 3 interactions in the resources package, as well as an XML for editing the length of time it takes to wash clothes (default is 30 for 30 sim minutes).
The washing interaction makes your sims' Energy, Fun, and Hygiene go down so you can adjust those to your liking if it's too much or not enough.

To Install/Uninstall
Place both package files in your Mods/Packages folder. You can merge them if you'd like but I kept them separate to make it easier to make edits to the tuning files.
The resources package has all the animations, script, jazz file, sound files, STBLs etc...
The objects file has the Wash Tub itself and the accessory/prop cloth that's used in the scrubbing animation.
This doesn't override/replace anything or even add interactions to existing objects, it's simply a self contained thing, so there should be no conflicts.

The object itself shouldn't require any expansion/stuff packs, but you will need a pack/store set that includes laundry in order to actually...do laundry ie Ambitions/Uni Life etc 

The package should be fully set up for different languages, with them all in English for now. There are only two strings for the actual interactions in the resources package.

I really want to make this use water from the well using my other mod, but I'm not sure how to go about it right now, especially with there being 4 variations of the off-grid mod. So for now it doesn't use up any water but hopefully I will get round to having a version that does at some point!

I feel like I write too much...But thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! If there are any issues please let me know and I will do my best to wring them out

Additional Credits:
Thanks to TheOnlyException (YouTube) for the animation conversion tutorial, Lyralei for the jazz script tutorial, Deniisu for help with the object, and mypantsfelldown for help with the sound!