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New Mesh: True Elegant Curly Hair ** Updated 06-02-2005 **

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Uploaded: 26th May 2005 at 12:09 PM
Updated: 6th Jun 2005 at 12:56 PM - New Version
Hi all,,

I'm back with new hair mesh. My second hair mesh. This one is much-much better than before.

The pics here not include the texture since it is not my texture and I just use it for testing and I couldn't upload it.

You can download the textures from Ajoli recolors. Thanks to Ajoli for the great job.

poly count:
1456 triangles
935 vertices

quaxi for creating SimPE, thanks for the latest update.
wes_h for creating plugins
some others for tutorials.

02 June 2005 Update
- fixed for plunge hair into body.
- fixed hair transparent problems.

This update will work greatly with Ajoli recolors and it is look awesome. You need to delete the old mesh and replace it with the updated mesh.

06 June 2005 New Version
Version 2 of this hair just being posted. Please visit it. I will close this thread once I am no longer interesting to this thread. Thanks to everyone who test this hair and sorry to Ajoli for what's happened.

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