From GTA 5: Motel-Style Apartments

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Uploaded: 18th Jul 2021 at 11:06 AM
It's not a hillside mansion you live in first when you move to the Big City to seek your fortune, right? You have to start somewhere; possibly in a motel-style rental like this. These three lots are all based on actual GTA V buildings from the Hollywood and Venice area; they can offer cheap apartment units for starter singles or couples.

These are not IP Resort lots ! All are Late Night-type residential apartments (so must be placed on Residential/ Regular Lots), all with 1 BR 1 BA and kitchen unit, all on the 2nd floor, with proper parking space and 2 darkened NPC units. - Hence, you will find fences on weird places near the doors: don't delete them! because they surround LN public room markers that are necessary to make the lot work properly as a LN apartment.

2520 Venice Ave – lot size: 25x20
In GTA V the lot is just two corners from the Beach. 1 BR 1 BA on the 2nd floor, balcony, IKEA-style interior, parking space, 2 units for NPCs. There's a Time Machine in a small maintenance room downstairs.
Furnished: 19,023
Unfurnished: 4,318

3525 Hawick Ave – lot size: 35x25
Dingbat-style front with parking space, 1 BR 1 BA on 2nd floor, communal pool, water slide. 2 NPC units. There's a maintenance room downstairs with a Brain Enhancing Machine; its door is set to Front door.
Furnished: 15,832
Unfurnished: 2,301

Pink Cage Motel – lot size: 40x40
Because sometimes you need to fill the map with bigger lots. From Vinewood Dowtown, you can have a 1 BR 1 BA unit, with communal pool, parking space, vending machines, public office room downstairs with table tennis and another public room for laundry. The door of the office is set to Front door. Only 2 NPC units – the rest is just black rooms.
Furnished: 19,488
Unfurnished: 7,190

Playtest and safety regulations:
All lots are playtested for a few sim-days, but not on a longer run, so I haven't tested many scenarios. I haven't received Nraas warnings about stuck sims so far.
I've built the 1st/ground floor of the lots with a special care to prevent non-active sims get stuck: there are no hidden room markers within the surroundings of the front door and the mailbox; no closed fenced area; all black rooms have doors to get out. The front door is always set to the ground floor level, not upstairs.

Requirements to look exactly like this:
No CC! No Stuff Packs.
Store object: I used the hedge fence from Roaring Heights (standard version) on all 3 lots. If you don't have Roaring Heights installed, the game probably will replace it with a base game fence.
EPs: World Adventures, Late Night, Ambitions, Generations, Seasons, Showtime, University Life and Island Paradise