Mermaid Bloodlines

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2021 at 1:01 PM
Updated: 4th Sep 2022 at 4:32 AM
If MAL22's Trait Tracker Injector isn't working for you, here's the list of cheats to add the traits manually until the trait tracker works for you properly. It's working perfectly fine for me, but I don't like people encountering issues that keep them from enjoying the bloodlines so here they are.

Update log:

Following up on my possibly excessive quest to give other Occults the same bloodline-traits treatment that Spellcasters get in the game, I present to you, Mermaid Bloodlines. Of course, coming up with perks for it was kind of a mess, considering how Mermaids are one of the least fleshed-out Occults in the game.

But before anything else: This mod requires MAL22’s Trait Tracker Injector, and will not work without it. (Oh, yeah, and sorry about that, but you need City Living to experience the full benefits since even though Mermaids sing in general, the singing skill isn’t base game).

So let’s talk about it. These Mermaid Bloodline traits consist of three traits, much like in the case of Spellcasters. They follow the same pattern, being in this case first-gen Mermaid -> Weak -> Strong -> Ancient. And while the traits themselves are custom, the inheritance rules they follow are the same as those of Spellcaster bloodline traits, though the Occult that triggers them in this case is Mermaid.

With that context out of the way, it was a pain to come up with perks for them, but here it is!

Weak Mermadic Bloodline:
  • Singing skill gained 10% faster
  • Fitness skill gained 10% faster
  • Hydration decays 10% slower
  • Hydration drops 10% slower

Strong Mermadic Bloodline:
  • Singing skill gained 20% faster
  • Fitness skill gained 20% faster
  • Hydration decays 20% slower
  • Hydration drops 20% slower

Ancient Mermadic Bloodline:
  • Singing skill gained 30% faster
  • Fitness skill gained 30% faster
  • Hydration decays 30% slower
  • Hydration drops 50% slower*

*In the interest of following up with the Ancient Spellcaster bloodline having this extra escalation at the end, I assigned it to the drop of Hydration when used (versus decay, which is just how it naturally drops, in case anyone was wondering the difference).

It’s as similar as I could manage to the original traits, but… I mean, no offense to mermaids, but their base perks make me sad, okay?

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Polish (by Damessa7)
  • French (by Seyjin)
  • Russian (by serkisyan on tumblr)


Any future plans?

Considering I’ve made Vampire Bloodlines and Mermaid Bloodlines, I think the next logical step is Aliens (haha, betting I end up just going with a logic perk there /mediocre-foreshadowing). Though in that case, I’m even more stumped than I was when starting to figure out which perks to give to Mermaids.

I’d also like to eventually figure out a weakness to give them, like how Vampires have the sun and Spellcasters have overcharge. Makes the decreased risk gained from bloodline perks actually worth it then. Whenever I actually manage to get that to work, I’ll probably go with Hydration for Mermaids and whatever the equivalent of Brain Power from TS3 is now for the TS4 Aliens, haven’t played enough with those to figure them out. But soon!


This wouldn’t have been possible for me to do without Zerbu’s Mod Constructor, The Sims 4 Studio, and MAL22’s Trait Tracker Injector. They are exceptional programs and I thank their creators for making them.