Caliente Casino and Boardwalk

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Uploaded: 22nd Jan 2022 at 1:13 AM
Updated: 30th Jan 2022 at 10:36 PM
This is my very first upload!

Caliente Casino and Boardwalk was organically created while playing Nina Caliente in Belladona Cove, it's been rebuilt from scratch and uploaded for your enjoyment!

It has:
* Outdoor café and food kiosk
* Street performers, including fire dancer, living statue and break dancer
* 2 putt putt courses using the mini golf business career reward
* Merry-go-round
* Street food, including popcorn, cotton candy, self serve ice-cream
* Additional items, such as photo booth, whack-a-mole, music box
* Sweet Shop, inside is a chocolate factory culinary career reward, chilled display for desserts, mini kitchen and cash register
* Casino, inside is 2 golden statues from the adventure career reward, 3 poker tables, 3 pokies, a craps table and bar
* The beach has a hammock and a campfire

The career rewards mentioned above have not been provided as they have to be downloaded separately, using Sophie-David's mod: Buyable Aspiration & Career Rewards for Lot Builders, linked here.

Please note:
*This is not a flat lot. Due to the nature of beach lots, it cannot be flattened as a slope is needed to meet the water.
*A user reported difficulties placing lot in Moon Islands, Twiiki Islands and Bluewater village, let me know if this is also the case in your game.
*This build contains Custom Content that I did not create, but I have provided an empty shell for those who do not want CC.

Special thanks to these amazing CC creators:
alex_stanton1983 for their Strelitzia reginae (Bird of Paradize).
Lifa for their Working Sims 3 to Sims 2 conversion Slot Machines.
HighRollers for their functional Craps table from the The High Rollers Project.
Crisps&Kerosene sims ♦ for their Recreation of the TS1HotDate Ice Cream Stand (for TS2).
Crisps&Kerosene sims ♦ again, for their TS3Store World of Wonder objects converted for TS2, from which the functional carousel, fairy floss, popcorn, music box, whack a mole and carnival painting was sourced.