Bubbles for Tweedledee

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How are you today?

Bubbles for Tweedledee and Tweedledum !
and !
MORE Bubbles for Tweedledee and Tweedledum !

They are beautiful.
They are gorgeous.
They are wonderful.
They are vintage and fun !

What are they?
Now 6 White Rabbit Bubble Blower recolors!
- Solar Walkway (green, teal, white);
- Frost Immunity (light blue, orange, white);
- Braving the Deep (teal, red, brown);
- NEW! Alchemy (purple)
- NEW! Incandescence (fire colors)
- NEW! Percussion Fuse (grays)

Found? :: Buy Mode > Miscellaneous > Party. Price: §1,720
EP Required :: UNI


I always felt like the original Maxis bubble blowers didn't fit with anything, and as there's lots of white and wood furniture in the game, these are a lot more versatile and useful. ^^

Tweedledee and Tweedledum?
Creepy twin characters from an old nursery rhyme and a book.
Also, your sims. ^^

Cushions : see comments at the end of the page

The tones of Solar Walkway are about nature, joy and health. Real life is out there!



The colors of Frost Immunity speak of the rising and setting sun over beautiful icy landscapes.



Braving the Deep has some vintage notes in its hues. Woods tones and the colors of the ocean.

3 more designs, all 'evil' (or just cool!). ^^

Deep tones of purple with some red : Alchemy.


Incandescence is in the colors of pure fire, yet it doesn't burn the eyes.


Percussion Fuse is contemporary and shiny, in tones of black, white and gray. It looks best among modern or futuristic environments.


'Evil' of not, they are all quite pretty, like little jewels.
Which one is your favourite now??



The cushions' recolors are NOT INCLUDED, by Michelle.
I'm using recolors from this set and this set. Get them all, mix and match, have fun, Michelle made plenty and they all look amazing. ^^

The cushion recolors are not necessary for this download to work, but isn't life better when we have more options?