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Plantable Wheat

1,784 Downloads 111 Thanks  Thanks 32 Favourited 5,192 Views
Uploaded: 14th Aug 2022 at 7:32 PM
Updated: 8th Nov 2022 at 7:55 PM
Update Nov-8-2022: Updated download information to include the CCLoader dependency.

I've been playing a challenge that revolves around being a medieval English peasant, and as my sims tried to eek their life out of the earth, I discovered that with all of the plantables in TS3, the only grain you can grow is corn! Corn is a New World grain and wouldn't even exist for my poor historical simmies.

Thus this mod was born.

NOTE: Requires CCLoader!


- Harvestable wheat (duh)

- Grind wheat into flour using the game’s food processor (not to be confused with Ani’s hunt mod food processor, though that will do it too)

- Added flour ingredient to base game recipes: Pancakes, Waffles, Cookies, and Angel Food Cake.

- Compatibility with Wood Fire Oven: Added flour ingredient to the bread recipes if you have it installed.

- Compatibility with Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul: If it is installed, the flour will be added to those versions of the recipes rather than the base game.

- Extra feature I added on a whim: If Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul is installed, there’s an extra interaction on the Wood Fire Oven to bake the bread ingredient for that mod.

Poly count:
Wheat Stalk: 454
Wheat ingredient: 1168

NOTE: If you have IceMunMun’s Baker’s Basket, there is a separate version which combines the flour from her mod with the flour from this one.

Thank you to the talented omedapixel for their lovely wheat model!