CAS Painting and Rug Recolours

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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2022 at 6:45 PM
Updated: 13th Nov 2022 at 1:19 AM

I think the circle Sims stand on in the CAS screen is quite pretty. So I used that pattern to recolour 3 rugs of different sizes for everyday use in Sims' homes (or for rebuilding the CAS screen so you can pretend it's a Create-A-Cowplant screen instead).
I also recoloured a painting with the woman featured very prominently in the background of the CAS screen. The picture is a bit blurry because the original was small and blurry as well, so there was nothing I could do about that.

Buy Mode \ Decorative \ Rugs (§15)
IKEA Stuff Pack is required

EA Sports Baseball Rug
Buy Mode \ Decorative \ Rugs (§130)
FreeTime is required

PS Rug
Buy Mode \ Decorative \ Rugs (§436)
IKEA Stuff Pack is required

The Lady On Red
Buy Mode \ Decorative \ Wall Hangings (§180)
Base Game
Files have been compressorized.

CC/Mods used for screenshots:Thanks to:
  • All the creators mentioned above
  • The creators of SimPE and CEP
  • jfade for The Compressorizer
  • Maxis and EA for the game in general and especially for the textures I used