Crosswords Madness - write your own crossword puzzle!

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Uploaded: 6th Apr 2024 at 11:33 AM
Updated: 10th Apr 2024 at 5:51 PM
Change Logs:
- version 1.0.2 --> Removed noticed and reported conflict

Mod for Sims 4 - with new amazing gamplay.
I am excited but hey, first things first...


- XML Injector required
- Base Game compatible

The mod 'Crossword Puzzles Solving' is now fully operational and completely base game compatible.

Now you can not only solve crosswords but also create your own to earn extra simoleons.

The mod introduces a new skill - 'Crossword Solving.'
This skill can be developed through various interactions, such as:

- Conversing with other Sims about crosswords
- Playing games (solving crosswords) on the computer or phone
-Reading books dedicated to skill development
- Solving regular crosswords

You can purchase skill books via bookshelf or computer but also you can buy it with regular crosswords for casual solving through the dedicated pie menu on the computer (computer > 'Crosswords' pie menu > 'Purchase Crosswords')

As your skill level increases, more interactions become available, including:
- sim to sim interactions,
- additional games available to play on the computer,
- attending to Competitions (Local or International) via phone
- the ability to write your own crossword puzzles (via computer --> dedicated 'Crosswords' pie menu)

During competitions, Sims can lose, take second place, or win. It all depends on luck and the Sim's skill. Depending on their placement, the Sim will receive a corresponding buff, notifiction and new interaction available only during the buff last (for winners only).

When a Sim reaches level 10 in the skill, they will gain the 'Crossword Enthusiast' trait, which unlocks additional interactions and notifications.
The trait is not necessary for this mod to be playable. It is just a small addition for those who trully love crosswords puzzle and made it to develop lvl 10
When SIm has this trait, the additional 'Crossword' pie menu is added during Sim to Sim interactions. They now can joke and get funny notifications.

I hope you'll enjoy this additional gameplay. I've put a lot of thought into it