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Junior Jams - children activities and interactions

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Uploaded: 20th Apr 2024 at 2:35 PM

XML Injector
Base Game compatible

'Junior Jams' is a mod containing child interactions. I've always felt that Sim children could do more and have more child-like conversations.

My mod introduces new activities that can be found on the phone > Travel.

Now Sim children can:

- go to the amusement park for an almost full-day trip

dare to ride the rollercoaster, feeling proud of themselves, or win at the amusement park lottery and return home happy.

- ponder over an escape room

- go to a VR match and cheer for their favorite space team

If his favorite team wins, the Sim will be happy. However, if they lose... it's rather sad.

- go for ice cream and eat a ton of sugar

- jump on trampolines and come back in great spirits, ready for some bouncing jokes

Additionally, Sim children can engage in childlike conversations among themselves as well as with adult Sims. They can do so using the "Kids Talks" pie menu.

Children can now engage in various conversations (those who are observant will understand references to certain topics of conversation). Some of these conversation topics trigger appropriate buffs (depending on the mood and relationship between Sims). These buffs expand on our conversation topics.

I hope your Sim children will have a great time! Don't hesitate and take the kids to the amusement park! :P


Translation assistance and creation of some descriptions - GPT from OpenAI

Icon creation - AI from Canva


If you have any questions or find any bug please let me know. I do my best to address them as fast as I can.