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Unicorn Adventures

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Uploaded: 15th May 2024 at 3:08 PM
XML Injector
Base Game Compatible.

My preious mode (JUNIOR JAMS) inspired me to create this wonderful magical mod dedicated to unicorns. (By the way, I recommend downloading Junior Jams as well to fully enjoy conversation topics.)

Alright, let's go through the mod description step by step:
The mod introduces a new skill called 'Unicornology'. You can learn it from dedicated books.
New conversation topics have been added, you can find them in the 'Fantasy Chit-Chat' pie menu. We start the game with only a few options, but the further we go, the more topics will appear.

As the UNICORNOLOGY skill develops, additional interactions and conversation topics unlock. Additional interactions also unlock in the dedicated app on the phone.

As their skill develops, Sims will be able to:
-Embark on unicorn tracking expeditions.
-Host workshops on unicorns.

Fantasy Fun opens up a window of activity choices for us to participate in.

Upon reaching level 9 of the skill, Sims will be able to write a book titled 'Unicorn Legends' and earn extra simoleons. To do this, they will need to use the pie menu on the computer.

(known issue: If you have the 'Crossword Craz' mod (also mine) installed, there seems to be an issue with skill progression while writing the book. I'm not sure why yet. However, it's a known issue that will likely be fixed in future version.

When you reach the maximum level of UNICORNOLOGY skill, interactions with the stuffed toy Uni are unlocked.

Due to this mod, the previous functionalities of the stuffed toy Uni are overwritten. The stuffed toy Uni becomes a portal to the hidden world.

When the level of familiarity with the toy reaches a sufficient level, the 'Explore' interaction becomes available. Upon entering the portal, Sims will encounter adventure cards.

If you answer all the cards correctly, you'll be able to journey to 'Unicornville' (formerly Sylvan Glade).

"When a Sim successfully embarks on the journey and steps onto the magical soil, they will receive a hidden trait. This will unlock additional conversation topics for the Explorer and enable them to engage in discussions about Unicornville.

The cherry on top is the lot trait that fosters inspiration.

I hope you'll enjoy the mod! I'm absolutely in love with it. Unicorns are definitely my passion.

It's the first version of the mod. I'll continue to develop it, of course. If you notice any bugs, please let me know. Seriously. Unicorn Adventure has to be my masterpiece!

OVERRIDES - please note that this mod will change:
-Stuffed Toy Unicorn - this one:
-Sylvan Glade hidden lot portal