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Bake All EA Birthday/Wedding Cakes at Baker's Station

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Uploaded: 31st May 2024 at 4:18 PM
Updated: 2nd Jun 2024 at 12:57 PM
This mod requires EA's Baker's Station from The Sims 3 Store to work.

The baker's station is one of the best sims 3 store content ever made; especially the feature to bake birthday cakes and wedding cakes. However, it feels a bit empty that you can't bake other EA cakes on it. So I created this mod which unlocked the ability to bake them on the baker's station.

Update V2: Should have solved a extreme rare case of "Argument can not be null". Your sim will not autonomously bake the cake anymore as they're not expected to bake wedding and birthday cakes autonomously anyways.

This mod requires CCloader installed.

You will find them under the Serve...-->Cake... section.

Unlocked cakes:

Birthday Inferno Birthday Cake (Base Game)
Forever Wedding Cake (Generations)
Happier Ever Frosted (Monte Vista Store World)

For Forever Wedding Cake, the mod will check whether Generations is installed.


IsMonteVistaInstalled: Change this to false if Happier Ever Frosted(or Monte Vista) wasn't installed. The interaction will not be added. Default true.

IsNoFridgeShoppingEnabled: Should ingredient be required to bake the cakes. This only apply to the cakes added to this mod. Default false.


The reason why CCloader is required is because I created three "placeholder" recipe for them. In the original game, cakes aren't actually be considered as recipes, so they don't have ingredients list. This will make them free to bake, and I don't like that.

When your sim finished the frosting, you will see an empty plate before they pick it up. The reason was same as above: the recipe wasn't complete for these cakes.

If you have no fridge shopping enabled, the tooltip for lack of ingredients wouldn't show the recipe name ("just required: egg(2)"). The reason why is because I didn't create the strings for these placeholder recipe names, and the tooltip is hardcoded to display the localizedstring for the recipes, which they didn't have one.

Lyralei for helping me to solve issue!
Nraas and for ani for no fridge shopping mod
Battery's script mod template
douglasveiga's CCloader
Visual Studio 2022
Multiple modder's tutorial
EA for the bakery set