Plain, but Pittsburgh

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2024 at 9:40 AM
I originally made these wallpapers for TS4 from the Plain, but Pretty wallpaper, and decided they were worth converting for TS2!

These are 10 wallpaper colors that have shades and names inspired by my hometown of Pittsburgh. I've created two versions, one with trim and one without. I much prefer a trim on my sims' walls, but the no trim version is helpful for instances when you have multi-story homes or if you'd like to save a few simoleons.

With trim is §7 per tile, without is §3 per tile. All are located in the "Paint" category.

Please note! Since this is a 4t2 conversion-type wallpaper, the base trim is a bit thicker than the standard in TS2. I can live with it, so I hope you can, too, and just enjoy it. There is also a slight seam when using the wallpapers between walls and at certain angles; this was an issue in my TS4 version as well.

If you love all 10 colors, you can download compressed file versions to eliminate download file clutter.
If you're a bit picky, you can download the .zip with individual wallpaper files and only include those that you like.