1st Upload: Malory Bungalow

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Uploaded 14th Jul 2005 at 6:58 PM · Updated 15th Jul 2005 at 10:05 PM by Shantai

This is just a small unfurnished bungalow (sort of), decent sized bedroom, moderate bathroom medium living room, which opens onto the Kitchen, which is, I suppose, quite small, BUT IT IS A BUNGALOW!

It comes unfurnished at $30,139 , however if you like the way in which i furnished it, i will happily post a furnished version. however the furnished version came in at around $75,000.

Let me know what you think, please and be KIND!!! PLEASE????

Sorry, It's just a small 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom place. i'll be making a few larger houses.

Ok, The furnished version is coming, However some of the content used belongs to various other artist (is that the right word??) anyway, here's the credits:

The Vario Bed at www.4eversimfantasy.eu.tf
The Wood & Metal Headboard at www.4eversimfantasy.eu.tf
The Grand Trianon poster mirror Armoire by Dream Team at our very own www.modthesims2.com

Umbrella Stand at www.reflexsims.de (The prague set)
Hat Stand at www.reflexsims.de (The prague set)

Avanti Cabinet by Shoukeir at www.sims2play.boom.ru
Avanti Bathtub by Shoukeir at www.sims2play.boom.ru
Dandy Lavaboo at www.wallsims.net

4esf Dining3 Table Deco at www.4eversimfantasy.eu.tf
“California” counter & Cabinets by Shoukeir at www.sims2play.boom.ru
Knife Set by Solander inc at http://www.solanders-welt.de
Vegetable deco by Solander inc at http://www.solanders-welt.de

Living/Lounge Room:
Baccara Floor Lamp by Shoukeir at www.sims2play.boom.ru
Rug by Peggy at www.Peggysims2.net
Flooring by Shoukeir at www.sims2play.boom.ru
B&B Dormus Chair by Tiramisu at www.simplystyling.de
CD Player at www.4eversimfantasy.eu.tf

I’m not sure if all these items will show up in the game if you don’t have the files themselves (does that make sense??). So I’ve included them all the files (I hope) in another ‘rar’ package just in case they don’t show up.

Also: if you are a creator of any of this objects, and do not wish for them t be up in this forum, please contact me immediantly, and i will remove it.

Applies, wheni finally get my furnished version up.