Continuity remarks on Imaki's home (part 1)
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The reason Imaki doesn't have it finished in 2015, is because he has to leave to get his visa renewed - and help Charlotte move to the US from Japan. She was able to get her green card, and looks forward to starting over life in Louisiana. Tokyo living just didn't suit her - and neither did the Yakuza.

However, Imaki partaking of this journey also comes at the worst time in Candi and Danny's lives, when they are being blackmailed sexually by politically-connected classmate Julie Saffrins. Candi takes a dare to protect Danny - the only boy in class that ever treated her with any respect. Alas, this means deliberately gathering evidence of fulfilling that dare, while trying to find some privacy to be sexually active - even though Erin's house rules state that Candi isn't allowed to date. Her current actions also conflict with the morals she was brought up to have; but Candi deludes herself into thinking her and Danny can get married in the future, and justify it.

This puts Candi in exactly the worst place to be at the worst moment: the Loffin family's house, in the afternoon of October 15th of 2015, when the Hebbleskins return and put another energy dome up around Gerosha. While the Pyro Panther gang riots and commits acts of arson, and Lava Tigre terrorizes the town, and police are confused and overwhelmed by the mayhem. Police brought in from out of town get confused, and mistake Candi for a Pyro Panther. Waiting too long to leave the Posey's Market parking lot, she is confronted by three squad cars, each with overzealous cops jumping out and pointing guns at her, convinced she has a bomb in her backpack.

Danny's house was targeted for the arsons, so she couldn't change into Ciem there. She should've gone straight home after school; but the due date on the dare (14-point challenge) was coming up - and she was not about to let Julie use her connections to ruin Danny's life, simply because Candi and Danny disagreed with Julie (and the faculty and curriculum) regarding views on sex.

So she wanted to find a place to change in public. But hesitated too long before leaving the parking lot, rummaging for a few seconds too long. In a panic at having police pointing guns at her in her civilian clothes, she slipped up and told the truth: she didn't have bombs, she had Zeran wardrobes in her backpack - quantum wardrobe devices (similar to the Flash Ring) that hid her Ciem suits and gear. Imaki made these for her; but the new Kirby Act made it illegal for her to divulge this classified tech's existence to local authorities. Realizing Darius at SCALLOP would find out one way or another she dropped the word "Zeran," and that prosecution against her (since she was an Altered) was inevitable, Candi decided to surrender to police - still thinking she was a Pyro Panther gang member.

While it was too long for her to walk to either Erin's house (1205 N. 1st) or Imaki's (209 N. 2nd., which she also had a key for), she could literally have jumped over a bush if she'd kept running, and vanished before the police got to her location. She could've hid behind the Koehler Funeral Home and changed, and been on her way. Instead, she hesitated. And now, she was outside of town boundaries, and there was a force field around her town. And she was being outsourced per the circumstances - to the Vanderburgh County Jail. She wasn't about to add resisting arrest to her list of charges - but now realized that not resisting the cops may have just doomed her hometown!

Candi gets out again, in time for Thevia Logindil to make contact with Miriam (who conceals her identity.) Thevia takes Candi to the location given, and Miriam shows Candi Brandel's Path, which the force field doesn't affect. Candi, Miriam, Danny, Roger, and Chris defeat the villains and get the force field disabled, so their relatives (and the National Guard) can stop the Pyro Panthers and Gleeful-N'-Young, and resume control of the town.

However, Candi's big oops gets her back in court in November. Darius, salivating at the chance to punish half-sister Candi (for being Stan's favorite over him), threatens Imaki's immigration status - unless Candi agrees to take the fall for him. Thevia mentions a SCALLOP agent woman killed by a Hebbleskin ambush brought on by Darius being sloppy with radio feeds with SCALLOP agents looking into Candi's case - leading to Hebbleskins jumping her and killing her in a failed attempt to get information.

Candi considers this irresponsibility on Darius' part wholly unacceptable - but also reasons that her hesitation in the Posey's Market parking lot enabled all the others in this sordid tale to enact their incompetence. Feeling responsible, she agrees to take the fall for Imaki, pleading guilty over the Zeran reveal debacle.

Darius then exploits the situation - reneging on his promise to leave Imaki alone, and going to lengths to remove his (and Erin's) custody of Candi. He has her sent to the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility, then rigs their system to give her as much prison time as he can possibly get away with giving her, in abuse of his government position. And with no sponsors left to take Candi, she has to serve dead time anyway, unless adopted out - per Indiana law!

It's only a matter of time before Miriam is revealed to be the hacker Sniperbadger, resulting in her also going to prison. Erin and Marina are of little benefit to Imaki, thus he has to find whatever labor he can to finish his bunker - after securing his green card.

In 2016, Candi is still in prison. In 2017, she gets let out just long enough to stop Quoll and Duzerit, then is sent back immediately. In January of 2018, Candi is finally able to help Imaki finish it. But can't live with him. The Trensons adopt her, so she has to live with them.

After the Trensons are killed, Candi is finally able (upon being 18) to move back in with Imaki. Erin invites Candi back as well; but Candi is hesitant to live with her again. She feels guilty about breaking the "no dating, no sex" rule - repeatedly.

Later in 2018, Imaki finishes the bunker. And then...Affadidah gives him a reason to use it. The main house is burned down; but Imaki is able to repurpose the land to hide his bunker entrance.
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