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1 million downloads, eek!

Date Posted: 24th Oct 2015 at 10:28 AM

Just wanted to pop in to say THANKS! after a staff pm had let me know I have got an achievement for 1 million downloads.

So thank you, you and you, for downloading my content (whether you tested, liked or even kept it). A million is just a number, but for a small Finn like me, it's a darn big one. Thanks!

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Lurking in some other bushes

Date Posted: 3rd Mar 2014 at 5:58 AM

I've retired, and won't be making more content for the Sims. Thanks for the good times, and happy simming for everyone who still find themselves drawn into the Sims games!

~ armiel

ps. the cake is totally a lie and there is not such thing as free cookies.
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How's your day been, buddy?

Date Posted: 22nd Oct 2013 at 3:01 PM

This has absolutely nothing to do with the site, but I wanted to share anyways.

Sometimes, having a nap can be difficult. Even if you're all alone in the house. Like ok, maybe you can't fall asleep, or maybe you're woken up constantly. My kid is at my parents for a few days. This is how my day's been so far:

6:00am - Wake up to an alarm while having a damn nice dream (not sharing contents). Go back to bed and hope it till continues, cause you still have time till actual waky waky-time.
6:30am - Alarm rings, it's time to get up for reals. *sad face* the dream did not continue anymoar.
Send cuddles to luv, dress up, have ciggy and make coffee. Sit on the PC and blabber at chat / to luv.
8:00am - Go play Borderlands. Have fun, find a new buddy to play with, level up your character.
10:00am - A new dude joins the game and drops a ton of modded craps, and this new nice buddy is like "woo, cool, thanks!" and I'm like "Noo, don't!" End up leaving game after watching them play with their new gear for a bit.
10:05am - whine about this in the chat, and stay talking there for some time.
11:03am - go have a nap, are tired. Read a book for a little, then fall asleep.
11:35am - get woken up by grandma calling "we're gonna come over for coffee in an hour, is that ok?" "er sure, go ahead"
Clean kitchen and hope that it enough to avoid too many nags.
11:55am - doorbell rings. You think, ok, must be grandparents. No, are kid's friends asking him out. "nono, he's not home, I told you yesterday he's gonna go to granny's." Kid's friends leave. You think, ok, good thing I was already awake, cause that would have woken me up, and I'd been cranky. Not that I wasn't grumpy at this point already.
12:12pm - grandparents come. Start making coffee, notice sugar is out. "I'll go fetch sugar from store, brb in 5 minutes!" Run to the store across the street and buy sugar. Return home. Make coffee. Blab with grandparents. Drink coffee. Cuss in your mind how it's gonna f-up your nap plans.
12:45pm - grandparents leave. Go have a ciggy "poof, are gone". Ponder what to do. Are not tired enough to sleep now. Blab at chat /to luv a little.
13:20pm - go for that nap. Fall asleep.
16:40pm - phone rings, kid calls.
kid: hey mom, can I be here for another night?
me: aren't you gonna be till tomorrow anyways?
kid: yeah, I meant another night AFTER that?
me: sure, go ahead.
kid: ok, BYE BYE!
me: what, bye bye already?
kid: Yea *pauses* NO WAIT! what have you been up to mom?
me: was having a nap, you woke me up.
kid: OH, well sleep well then!
me: am not gonna sleep anymore, I'm getting up now.
me: *lol* OK, bye bye!

Yea, I found that call funny, and would have shared it alone, but thought to base it with how my day's been in total, just so you could appreciate the call even more. My kid is totally the Finn of words. I'm not.

I did eventually have a nice long nap, as you can see. So no complains here. But man it was difficult to achieve today! :P
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Hats, hats, so many hats!

Date Posted: 6th Sep 2013 at 10:03 PM

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First trending, then popular, what are the chances?! :D

Date Posted: 5th Sep 2013 at 7:52 PM

So, this happened yesterday, or the day before:

And then, just moments ago, this:

Quite something.

/me toddles off to make more items to spam the downloads with.
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May-be I should inform yous that it's May, and I may have logged back in.

Date Posted: 7th May 2013 at 11:13 AM

That may have been the most fun title I've made in ages, may-be. The following entry may be a bit TLDR, but may-be you'll survive.

Anyhows, as I said, I may have logged back in. I went and fixed my greeting in my profile, so the policy and information should now be up to date. I may have forgot to mention something, but heck, it's a may-hem in my head these days and some days I just wonder if I may have forgot my brain in the bed when I got up.

If I may, here is a copy-paste of said greetings anyways, so you may consider yourselves well informed. :D


So you got lost and ended up here, eh?

I have retired from simming in January 2013. This means I won't be supporting my uploads anymore. I still lurk on the site though, but only for my own entertainment.

Please take this into consideration: My uploads have a date when they have been uploaded. If I have fixed something later, I have stated so in the post. If something is currently broken, it stays that way, unless you bother on fixing it yourself.

Policy regarding my uploads: You may rip off, tear apart, re-use and destroy my content in any way you feel necessary. You have been given a permission right here and now. Please do not however re-upload my content as is, and claim it as your own. Please also notice, that my content is made to be free - do not include it in uploads that require submission, or paysites in general, thanks. If you do use my work, a credit would be nice, but sure is not required.

Thank you for ending up here, using my creations, and just for being generally awesome!


May-be you think now, that was all. You may find yourselves wrong!

I couldn't keep my nose out of the site completely. There are just too many things I may still find dear to me. Also, as soon as the chat went back to IRC, I may have busted in and stuck there like glue ever since.

I may not be able to help it, but there is still a part of me that wants to help other people with their creations. I also may be a little nuts, to sit in the chat all day every day, just to see if someone may have something interesting to show, or a project they need help with. I may also be on a may-hem-like rampage on making #social social again. That may fail though.

That may be all I wanted to say. Yeah. It's May, and may-be I should be outside playing instead of sitting here. May-be. But no. I may play way too much BL2, and Pandora is where I may be heading right after hitting submit on this entry.

Happy simming to you all, and you may reward yourselves 10 points if you read through the whole ramble. A parrot stamp may also be added to your collection, if you counted how many times I used word 'may'.


ps. Bushes. Enuf said.
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Patch 1.42 and broken CFE

Date Posted: 8th Nov 2012 at 3:46 PM

So yeah, I've been going through some of my lots after I finally patched my game to 1.42. I learned earlier that this patch is a CFE breaker, and yeah, it had borked a few of my lots as well, including Fen Lodge

I have to say I'm not gonna crack open every single lot I have and fix them. They work just fine for earlier patches, and hopefully the second patch will fix the CFE brokedness as well. One can hope, right? :P

But yes, if you happen to get my lots and you have this specific patch version, please do not blame me if the lot doesn't look exactly like in the pictures.

Happy simming,

- armiel

ps. Blueprints. *roflgigglesnort*
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Build Set Basic Columns Fixed 30th Aug. 2012!

Date Posted: 30th Aug 2012 at 4:18 PM

I -finally- fixed those darn columns!

Please read the notes here and re-download the fixed columns, thanks! :D

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Only slightly retard... um.. retired Finn

Date Posted: 25th Jul 2012 at 5:48 PM

Hi everyone,

I got so utterly bored on being old and retired, that I decided to upload a lot. You can see it here:

I'm not sure at this point, if I want to make a full return, but I'm thinking of it. Listing pros and cons etc.

Let's see how this goes. My upload policy on the previous journal entry still holds.

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Hello dear simmers

Date Posted: 13th Apr 2012 at 3:02 PM

As many of my simming friends already know, the staff at least, I have dropped out of the simming world.

Real life is keeping me busy, and I have managed to lose the interest in building and any kind of modding of the sims, not to even mention the game as a whole.

I have made many good friends here over the years, and I want to thank you. This site and the people are awesome, and I would not trade this experience to anything else!

I'm still lurking at the chat at times, but that's all the "simming" I do, and therefore here is my new updated policy...

New updated policy (bit repetitive, huh)
  • You may do anything you want with my uploads, as long as you don't claim my work as your own or upload it to any paysites.
  • Feel free to rip of any floorplans, meshes, even re-use my worlds, it's all yours!
  • A credit to my profile would be nice, but is not mandatory.

Have fun simming,

love armiel
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