First attempt at self-sim/bodyshop

Date Posted: 3rd May 2015 at 9:26 PM

I finally was able to open Bodyshop for Sims 2 after never being able to (apparently I had to remove the contents from my Savedsim folder before it would launch. Maybe there was some corruption in my files that prevented me from using Bodyshop. Anyways.... I was itching to make some custom sims and the first one I thought of was a young Jessica Lange. I wanted to try a self-sim but my photos aren't very clear (or face on) and people have often said I look a lot like Jessica. So I found a nice pic of her and made this sim. Actually the finished result doesn't really look much like her but it looks quite like me when I was younger. I learnt a lot from doing this, I also modified a nice skin I had in my downloads to make the body a bit more appealing and realistic. Oh by the way this is the sim as a student - the adult version of the sim is a bit more rounded.

A young Jessica -

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Nods to other worlds

Date Posted: 20th Nov 2010 at 4:54 AM

It's always good to play other people's worlds rather than just plod on making your own, so this evening I took a break from building and downloaded an excellent world that, to be honest, puts Sunset Valley and the other EA worlds in the "shade" as it were. It's Redcliffs from Awesims. The terrain painting in this world is lovely and the landscaping interesting and varied. She's obviously put a tremendous amount of work into this world and I was very impressed and inspired. Anyway you can get hold of it here - just make sure you download the CC too to get the best out of it...
Redcliffs by Awesims.

PS... Gotta love this pic - whoever got excited over a roll of toilet paper?!
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TS3 lots to download

Date Posted: 10th Nov 2010 at 7:49 PM

I've been building various lots for my world in development - La Jolie - and thought I'd share them for download at my blog HERE. The world itself will be uploaded as soon as get all my Late Night EP clubs finished. Not sure when that will be though - I'm always finding things to amend or improve upon!
The world will require World Adventures, Ambitions and Late Night.
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Fireman Sam - Hero or Zero

Date Posted: 4th Nov 2010 at 5:37 AM

Click HERE to read my daft story of Fireman Sam, one of the residents of La Jolie who I've played extensively while testing my hood...
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Residential and Community lots from TS2

Date Posted: 16th Aug 2010 at 8:27 PM

This is a log of various community, commercial and residential lots that I created for TS2 but I've yet to submit for inclusion here on MTS. If there's one you particularly like the look of, let me know and I'll endeavour to get it uploaded.

Art Academy: (intended as a hobby lot alternative to the rather insipid Maxi's secret hobby lot). If you have the comm skilling hack in your game it's pretty useful - I've had about 20 or so sims with the arts/crafts interest teleported in so they can get their skills up at the same time! It also has a gallery area upstairs - I use it to display all my sim families' portraits. Sims can also chill out playing pool, watching TV, sit at the bar or have a bite to eat.

Paradise Allotments: for sims with the nature interest. This has club house, shop for selling harvested produce, fishing pond and various allotments for growing fruit and veg. Plus a kid's playground area. It's good fun to play for sims of all ages plus their pets! (I also have a farm which has a similar theme and is run as a business with shop etc)

Nuptials Beach: A Las Vegas-style tacky wedding venue by the beach. Actually it's pretty fun to play and I've had many a successful wedding held there (please excuse the gridlines!).

Jojo's Nightclub - large club for music and dance enthusiasts - has dance floor, stage, all music instruments, karaoke upstairs, restaurant area, bars, break rooms for employees, office for the boss. It's been a lot of fun to play.

Interior shots:

This next one doesn't look much from the outside but the inside is more or less a faithful rendition of Melanie's beach house in the film "Jackie Brown" - I was trying to recreate the airy chilledness. Although essentially a bungalow I added extra elements such as the basement area leading out to the beach which has a jacuzzi/sauna etc.

I also did a version of Burt Reynolds 70s style villa in "Boogie Nights" which I thought was pretty cool. Lots of custom content in this lot so it may take a while to submit.

Urban bank
- it has sleek executive-style living quarters upstairs and also serves as a recruitment agency so sims can get jobs there using Moghughson's Jobs noticeboard hacked object. I've yet to play it but I think it will be good. I used several of Katy's custom bank items/objects.

I also have a Cheers-style bar - (Bubby's Bar), bakery, and an urban dance studio (all run as home businesses) which were built for my Chicago-style hood. Also my tinkering hobby club, library/job centre and a few other items to come.

Some pics of Bubby's Bar:

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Some of my favourite Sims 2 pics

Date Posted: 1st Jul 2010 at 7:48 AM

I always love it when the genie visits - moolah and peace of mind!

One of my favourite male sims, Desi Demilo (3rd generation legacy family), Mr Big on campus now and looking forward to him transitioning to adult:

Desi's musical mom Jojo, I loved playing this entrepreneurial sim - started off at college not knowing a soul and married into the Demilo clan.

Her handsome teenage son Lou:

My original legacy couple who spawned 13 Demilo children (gulp!) - I did use age cheats on them though! I made her over about 3 times!:

My baker sim (in the white vest top) greets downtownie socialite Andrea Hogan while hubby tosses their baby in the air:

And I love this shot of her on the candy crafting station while dad changes baby's diaper:

Adults can have fun too! And it WAS Nicky Monero's wedding day after all:

Why I love Nightlife... I hope Sims 3 brings this back in Late Night:

And you wonder why men don't like changing diapers!...

A montage of my custom band - I wanted a group I could just teleport into my music club owner's business. I downloaded some suitable-looking sims from somewhere I can't remember now!:

Meet Lamarr Jones, Olavo Pastorius and Maxwell Johnson:

(to be continued once I've uploaded more pics onto Photobucket)
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