I'm Baaackk!

Date Posted: 2nd Jun 2011 at 8:32 PM

Hello everyone!

I finally got my TS2 back on track!!! YEAH!!! Turns out I had a back-up hiding in one of my folders, it dated back to January but I didn't lose that much!

So, here I am!

I haven't gone back to my medieval 'hood, just my modern. But I've gotten on a "build" kick! My houses always sucked, they were so boxy. And this really came to my attention after DL'ing StephSims lots for the Grywch Project and playing with those for a while. So, I went to our local Lowe's Hardware and purchased one of their books with over 700 house plans in it! I have always had an interest in architecture (I even took a course in high school!). Sooo, I have built several home lots [Strike]that I plan on sharing here soon![/Strike] I have just uploaded a community lot that I built back before January, and it's in the queue here at MTS...

I have named the home lots "My ULTIMATE Series" after the name of the book, "The New Ultimate Book of Home Plans" by Lowe's.

I will be building numerous lots based on plans from this book. I already have 3 built! The building is the "fun" part, it's the getting them ready and uploaded that's not so fun!!! LOL!

[Strike]So, (if you're interested!) keep an eye out for them![/Strike] If I finally decide to share these, it most likely will NOT be here! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Catch'a later...
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Date Posted: 3rd Mar 2011 at 4:05 AM

Unfortunately, I have to say good-bye. Somehow, I've borq'ed my TS2 game and I can't even get into the neighborhoods - any of them!

WHEN, I finally figure it out, you'll know!!!! ;D

But for now, I'm having fun "playing" TS3. Yeah, I know, "Traitor!". I hear ya! But, it has really changed since it first came out! And all the amazing creators have made a lot of cool items (A LOT of them were originally for TS2 1st!!!) I really like the CAST tool! and the fact that you only need the mesh and one item and from that you can make it what ever you want all while in the game. And EA is working on the EP/SP's, adding more rather quickly.

Sooo, who knows!?!?! Right now I still feel like a piece of dust fluttering around, but I'll eventually find my landing. So, just be patient. Who knows, I might learn how to mesh for TS3?!? Just check in every once in a great while!

God Bless, Jeannie
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Time Flies!

Date Posted: 14th Dec 2010 at 10:21 PM

Time can really fly by when you're busy! And I have been busy!!! My kids had a Christmas program last week and I was busy making the set for it last month. Now, with Christmas a little over a week away, I'm busy shopping, packing for our trip and making Christmas gifts (and I still haven't gotten my cards out yet! ).

So, needless-to-say, my poor lil' simmies and their stories have had to sit by the wayside! I have tried a couple of times to upload some new clothes meshes here, but one was totally rejected (but can be found at my blog spot !) and the other has quite a number of "issues" to fix! So I don't know if I'll get anything up before the new year or not!

But don't fret! I haven't forgotten about Prince Tristrem and his escapades! Things have changed significantly for this young man since last we met!!! But that's all I will say for now!

Gotta Run!

[CENTER]Merry Christmas to All!!!

And remember, Jesus IS the Reason for the Season!!![/
God Bless, Jeannie !
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Trials & Troubles, cont...again!

Date Posted: 14th Nov 2010 at 1:01 AM

When last we met, Prince Tristrem had just proposed to his pregnant servant, Sibillia. His cousin, Clarice, was teaching and playing with his twin children, Greta and Gregory, and finding love with her new friend, Jordan. And his sister, Princess Jocelyn, was living in a dorm with her new husband, Gawyne Talbot, and their newborn son, Dominic.

Well, the Talbots have moved back into the family manse. It was just too crowded in the dorms for the 3 of them. Not to say it's not crowded in the manse!!!! There's just more room to move about!

Tristrem released Sibillia from her duties there at the castle, and hired another maid in her place. Enter Meredithe. Yet another conquest for our romantic Prince! Sibillia continued to return to the castle to hang out or visit and play with the toddlers. Prince Tristrem had some time to think and several discussions/scoldings from his sister and parents. So, he came to a decision and broke off the engagement with Sibillia. After all, he is the Crowned Prince - heir to the throne! How can he even think about marrying a servant!!!! Obviously, their relationship took a nose-dive. But Clarice was there to comfort the grieving maid, building their friendship in the process. This produced the desired effect, Clarice could now 'propose' move-in, but the poor girl was just not ready to live under the same roof as the philandering Prince!

This went on for some time. Tristrem often approached Sibillia with various romantic advances, trying to get back in her good graces! But it never failed!!! That poor clueless boy!!! Every time Sibillia thought she could trust him, he would do something to upset her again!

Well, he finally managed to sway her to moving in with him and the toddlers, it took a lot of hard work - and keeping his hands off the other skirts!!! But now Sibillia was "under my control"!!! MUHAHAHA! She was in some major distress!!! Her hygiene, hunger and energy were dangerously low, so we started with the most important of the 3 - food! No sooner had she sat down with her plate, than he was at it again!!! Prince Tristrem was enjoying the pleasures of another woman, right in front of Sibillia! Then, to top it all off, the slut sat down at her bowl of dumplings!!! So, Sibillia marched off to the kitchen to get another bowl.

Tristrem was stewing!!! After all, who does she think she is - slapping the royal face of the Crowned Prince!!!!!

Well, Sibillia never made it to the kitchen to get another bowl of dumplings! In the stairwell, again! - I don't know what it is with the stairs!!!, she grabs her swollen tummy, right in front of the kitchen door! Everyone comes running and tries to crowd into the stairwell to watch the birth! Prince Tristrem was still stewing! After all, this maid has been NOTHING but trouble since he hired her! Clarice was shocked and in awe of the new arrival.

Promptly after giving birth, Sibillia hands the baby boy, Simon, to the unhappy father, who in turn places the poor baby on the cold hard floor and turns away to talk with his dismayed cousin! Thankfully, Meredithe swoops in to take care of the lil' tike! While Clarice looks on.

So now, Tristrem is the not-so-happy father of 3 illegitimate children, the twins - Greta & Gregory, and the newborn - Simon.

After Sibillia had a plate of food in her tummy, she packed up the 3 children and left her miserable existence at the manse. Prince Tristrem saw to it that they were comfortably situated in a nice little cottage close by. And he INSISTED that they retain a servant to help her with the children and chores!
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Picture Spam!

Date Posted: 10th Nov 2010 at 12:36 AM

Hello! Not a whole lot to report today. But I do have a few pictures that I'd like to share with ya'll!

Here's Jordan doing a 'happy dance' after the whole Sibillia/babies situation!

He then calls Clarice and asks her out on a date.





But who do they encounter when at the restaurant? That's right! Sibillia!!!



But they don't let her disturb their budding romance!


When Jordan returns home from his Dream Date with Clarice, we find the new replacement NPC flirting it up with one of the dorm roomies! All spontaneously!!!!





I like this picture, it gives you a clear idea of what they're doing, and without all that snow!!!

Well, that's all for now, but I'm sure you're tired of following links anyway! As of yet, I don't have the option to add pics directly to my text, sorry! (And if I do, I don't see it!!! )

Until next time....

P.S. Just a few words of thanks to all the many wonderful creators that make my gaming fun!!! I want to thank:
- Warlokk, Marvine and FrannySims for the awesome body shapes
- StephSim for the STUPENDOUS Gwrych Project
- Sophie-David, Sunni9676, Aligeth, Almighty Hat, FancifulSims....And the list could go on and on, this just barely scratches the surface! But thank you all!!!
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Trials & Troubles, cont...Scenerio 01

Date Posted: 7th Nov 2010 at 4:12 AM

WOW!!!! That was quite interesting!!!

Did you ever wonder what would happen going to one of the other homes that Sibillia attended? I did! So, I decided to give it a try...

I decided to visit Jordan in the dorms at University. I wasn't there very long, I was waiting for Jordan to wake up from his nap, when who should 'waddle' by...but Sibillia!!! In her beautiful maternity dress! (Thanks Sunni!!! ) She was headed upstairs to play pool with one of the students, Summer.

Next thing I know the whole household was in an upheaval!!! Jordan jumped up from his nap and went running, I followed him to the kitchen where we found Sibillia grabbing her belly in pain! How did she get from upstairs to the kitchen downstairs, you might ask!?! Most likely it has to do with the MF dishwasher w/ NPC worker calling her back to the kitchen. A reset of sorts.

Now mind you, poor Jordan in a nice, innocent, young man! Who is in love with another girl, albeit, the Prince's cousin, but still! He's only 'stolen' kisses from his beloved, kisses that were freely given! And here he is having to endure the nightmare of childbirth! And he's not even the father!!! Poor Boy!!! Imagine the side effects!!!

OH NO!!!!!


Sibillia must be Fertile Mertile!!!!


That's right folks, TWINS!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!

Sibillia hands the 1st boy to Jordan as she prepares for baby boy #2!!! You might have noticed in the picture that these strapping baby boys become a part of Jordan's family (selectable)! Poor Jordan is just an innocent bystander in this whole mess!!!

Well, now Prince Tristrem is the 'proud' father of 4 illegitimate children!!! Too bad tho!!!! He'll never know his boys!!! Why? you ask? - Simple! I left the dorms without saving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just couldn't strap Jordan with a couple children that were not even his!!! How fair would that be?! (Notice: he's only a freshman! So, he's not 'old' enough to have gotten into all this trouble yet!!! )

Soooo! I returned to the dorm and immediately toggled NPCs, relieving Sibillia from her duties at this household!

So, that concludes scenerio 01!!!
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Trials & Troubles, cont...

Date Posted: 6th Nov 2010 at 8:11 AM


I went to a noble household in the regular n'hood, this one has a teenage daughter (that I intend to be the future queen!). That's right, MY plans are for Lady Gueanor to meet, marry and live (not quite so happily!) as Tristrem's wife!!! She's not, let's say, the "nicest" person in the n'hood! BUT! she does wear a skirt!!! So, I'm sure Prince Tristrem will still be interested!!!

Well, lo and behold, I inserted David's dishwasher, and who shows up? That's right! Lil' Miss Sibillia!!! She is very efficient, and goes about her job, but for some reason (?), she and Gueanor do NOT get along! They become fast enemies!!! The first thought Gueanor has when she gets up in the morning is to go pick a fight with Sibillia!!! Does Gueanor know about the relationship between the prince and the maid? And why would she even care? She knows him but she has 0/0 relations with him, as yet! And she, obviously, doesn't have a clue what I have in store for her!!!

Well, when Sibillia isn't fuming about Lady Gueanor, she's daydreaming about Prince Tristrem. So, that proves that the memories/relationships carry over into other 'hoods and families.

I finally got tired of the constant fighting, so I toggled to another NPC. Besides, how realistic is it to have one maid away at University with one family AND the same maid in the main 'hood with another family?!!!

Enough of that scenerio for now: back to college and into the dorms! I placed David's dishwasher in this household, which is a handsome young man, Jordan d'Armentieres. Jordan is from a high class merchant family, with big dreams of being a celebrity chef! And he is 'In Love' with Lady Clarice!!! And, until last night when they were 'caught' making out, best friends with Prince Tristrem.

Well, upon placing this GREAT dishwasher, who shows up for service? That's right! Miss Sibillia!!!! I guess she's at the top of the NPC list or something! No biggie! She goes about doing her job and befriends the students there in the dorm (These same friends call for her when she's at the Prince's home and I also get those annoying "haven't heard from you in a while" pop-ups, too.), fuming about Lady Gueanor or daydreaming about Prince Tristrem. Again, confirming that they keep their memories and relationships, now I do want to mention that I have a mod, "TownieNoMemoryLoss" by Squinge, that allows townies to retain their memories when they move into a family. Is that what is causing this memory retention? Technically, Sibillia isn't a townie! I don't know!

Regardless, I think that brings us to last night! All this drama with the Prince and the Maid, I couldn't stay away!!! So, back to the royal home away at university!

Well, the babies age into precocious toddlers, poor Clarice ends up taking over primary care of her little cousins and Prince Tristrem continues with his shenanigans! I'm watching and laughing as Clarice talks/teaches/plays with the toddlers when I hear that !@#$#@! lullaby again!!!!!!!!!!!!! I immediately pause the game, and focus in on Prince Tristrem, and find him under covers with,...you guessed it! Sibillia!!!!!!!!

Picture of Clarice teaching Gregory to walk.

Picture of lil' Greta aging up.

Picture of Sibillia playing with Greta.

So now, she's pregnant again! After several discussions with David about this, he informs me that I should be able to bring Sibillia into the family so that I can control her. So I tried that! (Thinking that once I had her in the family, she could move out with the twins and the Prince would see that she was 'comfortably' taken care of! - sweep his 'mess' under the rug!!!!) The only option Prince Tristrem had with her was to 'ask' her to form some group thing or to 'propose' engagement. Well, neither of those options were what I wanted, so I thought I would try Clarice. Problem was she didn't have a very high relation with Sibillia, so I sat them down and had them 'hang out' for a while. They built into a high friends, but not yet best friends, so the option to 'propose' move-in isn't there, yet (if ever!)

Getting frustrated and knowing there's another lil' one on the way (and NOT being very patient ), I got desperate and had the Prince bend his knee! Not very romantically, in the stairwell!!! Sibillia was ecstatic! But Prince Tristrem wasn't too happy with the whole idea!!!!

Well, she starts to show and Tristrem knows he can't have another child out of wedlock and he doesn't want to marry the servant, so he sends her away (I toggled to another NPC!). By the way, this new NPC (Tristrem had a relationship with her, too!) had the option to 'propose' move-in! But his relationship with her wasn't as high as it was (is) with Sibillia. I'm not sure now how high it was tho.

Here's where it gets a little weird! Sibillia is off the property but she comes back often, I mean 1. it is a University lot, so sims are constantly "barging" in when univited! 2. She is engaged to the Prince and 3. she has 2 offspring living there!!! Well, one night Greta was playing with her toys and then she just froze, when I selected her, her queue bubble said she was "being collected"?!?! What the heck does that mean? Then Sibillia came in and said it was past bed time and that she was leaving with Greta (Gregory was asleep in his crib.) But, for whatever reason, she left without Greta! Then the next day a very similar thing happened but this time it was reversed, Greta was sleeping and Gregory was playing. And again, she left without the toddlers!!! ???

So, that's where I'm at now!!! Have I totally intrigued you, yet?! Stay tuned! I'll be back in a day or two with the continuance of this story...MAYBE?!?!!?!!!
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Hello & Welcome!

Date Posted: 6th Nov 2010 at 5:26 AM

Thank you for deciding to follow me on a journey thru my Medieval simmies trials & errors!

First and foremost: I am NOT a creative writer and I am NOT very good at writing/keeping journals or blogs!!! So, it is highly likely that I might start this and get you interested - AND THEN LEAVE YOU HANGING!!!!

For many of you that might have just stumbled upon this thread purely by accident or out of curiousity, this all started out as comments to Sophie-David's Maintenance Free Dishwasher w/ NPC Worker. I didn't want to "clog" his comments section, but I had several people show their interest in my simmies shenanigans!!! So, here it is!

If an item is underlined, most likely it is a link to something, be it another site or to some of my pictures! So, you might want to click on it just to see if your missing anything interesting!

About the Characters:

- Royal Household away at University (this is a private home for the royal children attending school):
- Prince Tristrem Fontemai - Romance Aspiration - Prince Tristrem is a TOTAL player! He's already met, and surpassed!, his Life Time Want (LTW) of WooHooing with 10 different sims! He did wait till he got to college before "sowing" his royal seeds, tho! (Course, that's were this Medieval sim began! ) Out of respect and obedience for his parents, King Malculmus and Queen Kateryn, I guess!? I don't know what it is about University - the freedom I guess, you are a different person when away from home!
- Princess Jocylen Fontemai - Pleasure Aspiration - Princess Jocylen is the Prince's twin sister, away at University as well.
- Lady Clarice Beaumont - Knowledge Aspiration - Clarice is their 1st cousin on their mother's, Queen Kateryn, side. Her mother died at childbirth, and Clarice was raised by her widowed father, the Queen's brother, until he passed away in an unfortunate fowling accident when she was a young teen! She then came to live with the royales.
- Thomas - the hired butler
- Sibillia - the Maintenance Free Dishwasher NPC.

Now that you have an idea of our characters, let us begin!
I didn't know the boundaries of the game in regards to family and "extra-curricular activities", shall we say! But I'm pretty sure that 1st cousins married back in a day. I'm not so sure about the royals, tho, but for my story, it WAS going to be OK. So that was the original purpose for Lady Clarice. Truthfully, I hadn't given it much thought then! But, needless-to-say, she was his first! I obviously, soon discovered that marriage was out of the question, tho. I did have every intention of keeping the Prince true to one woman, regardless of his aspiration! But upon discovering their besotted love affair, Prince Tristrem went on a binge, so-to-speak! Then David came out with his wonderful dishwasher w/ NPC! The 1st NPC was a male, and I knew that Prince Tristrem just would not be able to handle the extra testostrone, he already had issues with the butler! So, I simply toggled to the next NPC - enter Sibillia.

Prince Tristrem was ecstatic and on his game winning over the new maid! And she was quite "taken" with the good lookin' young Prince! They very quickly built their relationship! Although, that didn't stop this Casanova, he was still out and about "sowing" royal seeds! Sibillia was just an accessible piece of @@@!

I guess I need to let you know a few more things here: I have a good number of mods and hacks, primarily from TwoJeffs at Simbology and Squinge at Insimenator. And a few others by various creators. I think one of my absolute favorites can be found here by LizzLove, it's her waterbed. NOTE: I prefer to 'play' with free will on, because I like to watch my simmies move about and interact with each other and the items in their world w/out a whole lot of my interference! I like to think of it as "gentle guidance"! Anyway, this waterbed, if you're not familiar with it, allows the sims to 'choose' their own interactions! I don't have to tell them what to do!!! What is that? Automonous!?!

Anyway, back to the "story". Among other settings on this 'lovebed', you have the oppurtunity of "risky woohoo" and "try for baby", and in TRYING to follow most of the guidelines in "The Royal Kingdom Challenge" set out by Fanciful Sims, I had both of these functions turned on, 'cause, let's face it, they didn't have any TRUE form of preventative birth control back then, right?! Well, I thought "No big deal, NPCs can't get pregnant."

WOW!!! Was I wrong!!!! You know that little lullaby thing the game does when your sim gets pregnant? Yeah...Well! Lo and behold, pregnant NPC!!! HA!HA!HA!

Well, this is new!!! I had not had this happen before, so I wanted to see what would happen. I did/do not want my prince to marry a servant!!! But my curiousity got the better of me! Soooo, I didn't send her away, which was one of my original thoughts. Sibillia carried to term and delivered a beautiful baby girl! But...what's this? She hands the baby to Prince Tristrem and grabs her now swollen belly again!!!!

TWINS!!!! The Prince is now the father of, not 1, but 2 illegitimate children!!!!!

- Now enter Greta and Gregory, yes that's right, baby #2 is a boy!

The children immediately became part of the family (became selectable), and I could have hired a nanny, but I really DESPISE those old hags!!! So, between class, assignments and "extra curricular" activities, Prince Tristrem and Clarice, along with a little help from Sibillia, manage to take care of the twins.

- Another insert:
Among my mods, I have several aging mods from Lientebollemeis, so therefore, my time on campus might seem like it's going in slow motion to some, and, in reality, it is!!!
I also have a 'breast feeding' mod from Squinge. So the new mothers are able to feed their children.

Sibillia will go to the children and interact with them, she will nurse them and she has even changed a few diapers, but more-oft-then-not she doesn't use the changing table! She normally will just stand there holding a screaming/squalling baby with this HUGE green cloud wafting around her!!!

Ok, now the twins have been born, it's time to cycle thru my neighborhood to a different family. Don't want to 'play' the same one for a really long time without "sharing the love" with the others!!!
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